What countries do you want to visit or not visit bant?

What countries do you want to visit or not visit bant?

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All of the countries that aren't socialist.


i wanna go to new zealand :^)

>not visiting for sure
Wut. Have you actually ever read anything about Albania or do you get all your opinions from Jow Forums?

It just doesn't seem that interesting, and seeing that it's a Muslim majority country I wouldn't want to risk getting my head chopped off.

>not bad
>lots of criminals thou

Retard, Albania used to be an atheist state. People are not religious there. Albania has a life expectancy only 0.3 years lower than the US, by the way.
When compared to Northeast Europe, it's nothing special in terms of crime.

>not visit
Poo land.

No you're the retarded one Islam is the largest religion there, Albanians are also retarded as fuck.

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I'm sorry, but once your government starts implementing public bathrooms instead of large statues maybe i'll visit.

You're literally sharing a Jow Forums IQ map that's specifically meant to make Albanians look bad. Type in "IQs by country" and click the first link in order to ensure as little bias as possible. I'm way smarter than you, by the way; you have no place calling me retarded.

Wow the little mudslime got triggered, yeah keep writing with your shit grammar Achmed.

I'm not a Muslim and I've never heard of an Albanian with the name Achmed. Your IQ is painfully low.

So me saying that you're a mudslime and that your name is Achmed means I have a low IQ, but you having shit grammar and not accepting the fact that Albanians are low IQ and Muslim doesn't, yeah ok buddy.

>shit grammar
Keep pulling for straws, retard. Your posting that IQ map is enough for me to know that you're fucking retarded. You've lost the argument, dude.

Grammar gets wacky when I have to lecture idiots.

What argument retard? Albania is a low IQ Muslim country I'm just being honest about why I wouldn't want to go there, you're the one who got triggered even though you don't live there, so I assume you're probably some sandnigger.

>replying to intards/poltards
come on

That was meant for you kek, my hand gets wacky when I have to lecture retards.

Not clever, try harder.
I already backed myself up with facts.
>Albsnia is a Muslim country
No it isn't. It's a secular state. If you're gonna be pedantic about my grammar, I'll be pedantic about the shit you say. The population isn't very Muslim either. That IQ map is a biased meme map posted to make Albanians look bad. I already said to Google a legit IQ map and click the first link, but your brain doesn't work.

Alright let's start over, why'd you choose to speak on behalf of Albania of all the countries I made red?

Because I'm ethnically Albanian and people like you have no idea how deceived you are about Albania(ns) because of Serb and Christcuck propaganda.

You're from America though, you have different values, and I'm sure not all Albanians are bad, but Albania has a Muslims population of 58% or so, I just don't want to visit a country that I have no interest in and where I might find people like youtu.be/3KfA2wlbutM this.

Your people are a waste of space on this Earth and need to fuck off back to the Caucasus where you belong.

why is my country in red you niggermutt

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don't come here

so your home is in Alaska and continental United States?

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