Hello anons. i have nobody to talk to now. so how was your day? i hope it was good

hello anons. i have nobody to talk to now. so how was your day? i hope it was good

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Hello, friend. Drinking wine and watching The Godfather at the moment. It's been a good day so far. How are you?

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sounds fun. idk what series or movie the Godfather is. my day has been meh. feels like nothing at all has happened

im not gonna gay post or anything so please dont send me those stuff

It's some sort of mafia movie, very interesting. Hope you have a good evening.

thanks. i hope you do too

I tried to contact my sugarcute cousin, but failed. She didn't even reply on the offer to meet somewhere.

awee sounds like a bummer. i hope u can meet up another time then

kill yourself

im sorry im a annoyance to you. pls accept me. pls tell me what im doing wrong

Yah, she's pretty cute and somehow looks a bit like me

basically what happened is a dane in another thread posted a picture of ritsu irl and everyone made fun of his long greasy matter hair and now he’s insecure so no more gayposting

thats nice

filled with angst and uncertainty

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those were bad pics i know... hopefully im better then that. i take much better care of my hair now.

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that sounds bad. i hope you will be okey

If someone asked me to show here the pic of my face, I'd actually upload a photo of a random guy I found in the web.

i was naive and dumb at the time.

what happens if they ask for a timestamp?

i want to hug you but im not norwegian