Refute This Wh*toids

The real Indian history has been Whitewashed and blurred by cumskins and Muslims alike. Pic related.

If you disagree, you're a Paki.

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Too many words bro. I hate wh*Te dogs as much as the next man but you have to improve this meme.

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aren't you the poo that just btfo'd yourself by samefagging in the other thread

KEK he is

reported your post, you're literally posting bait threads at an alarming rate. also nice proxy.

>T. Buttblasted Pakis

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Listen, you have been exposed in previous threads where you cannot answer basic questions pertaining to India and always come up with some excuse.

It is literally known that Pakistanis are being paid to shill anti-Indian propaganda on literally every site. In 2016, the Senate of Pakistan passed the resolution indicating to cultivate anti-India opinion through a formation ofa Media committee. This is exactly how the designated shitting streets meme spread, despite the fact that there are literally no designated shitting streets.

You are a paki for making this thread
but it's ok
We real Indians must hijack this thread for showing off our dick

Listen you pajeetshit, soon a Brenton Tarrant like guy will come to remove you from whitenations. Australia will again lead the charge, I can't wait for your indian media clowns to whine on free air.

Or maybe you're just a retarded schizo or a Paki yourself? Which is it?

And the "designated" meme is way older than 2016, newfag.

Whites love us. Only Pakis hate us. You must be a Paki under a memeflag.

Pipe down, Ragneet. I'm with OP, but don't ruin our plan for some bs.

You just want to suck White cock? Cringe.

This I must see ^_^

Of course.

Post that emasculated Indian crack, you Brown sissy. And bow down to your Paki master.

Fuck off Pajeet, and stop shitting in the street. Learn to use a fucking toilet.

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poo in loo

I agree but only coz there are too many words man

Stfu memeflag

Your kind will be beaten up, you sissies are easy pickings. Call your family back soon pakistan and china may nuke you smellyshits and you need those high 85 iq upper cast brains.

Lick my chod, dot head. And double spread that Kala ass over a time stamp to finish up my projected supremacy.

Lmao get a load of this fag trying not to sound like a fairy while asking other man to show him their asses

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Get the fuck out retarded Paki

He is not Indian

Subjugating an Indian anally is the up most masculine expression. Considering how up tight and delusional they are about their non existent masculinity.

Look at these subversive Pakis.
The war comes soon and these Pakis are pissing their pants.
Absolutely right.

Lick my Chod, dot head. And swallow out your miscarriage after wards.

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Take off the memeflag, Sanjay

Hey streetshitter you will lose like always, media manipulation by constant begging to americans wont work this as they have their own things to take care of. The real stats about army failures will be out this time.

Time stamp your pencil neck over your asshole, and I'll comply. Bhen chod.

The right side is correct, the left side is completely incorrect.

LOL brainlet

What stats? like the time we shot down your jet Paki? Or that time we went to Mars Paki?

Give me a fucking break Paki

Time stamp your curry stained asshole over your designated shitting street, Kartik

The Polish navy invented screen doors on a submarine, and you poo in the loos copied. Fuck off back to Pakistan, you turds!

Look, another pajeet posting about how his shithole is great and shit while street shitting. Next thread will porbably how India will become a superpower in 2020. The Mahabharata is cool tho

your country has no subs, does it ?

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Stfu Paki

poo in loo

I will accept that modern day Europeans are by and large degenerate but what you're doing here is just going to drive a wedge between Indians and Europeans.

You must understand that without a pan-aryan (Indians + Europeans) alliance, we can never defeat the Jews. Thus we must act in such a way that would make our ancestors proud. We must become true brahmins again.

We must protect our brothers from:

- false beliefs from jewish religions like christianity and islam
- atheism
- hatred of dharma caused by propaganda
- false beliefs like aryan invasion theory

I think we should make a new religion to compete with Islam for the Europeans. A simplified version of Vedic Aryanism the same way Buddhism was exported to Asia back in the day.

They aren't all bad, they have potential, and we can hardly deny that modern day Bharatas are also largely very degenerate. We need to exile the enemy (to Africa & China), ban them from having access to weapons and ships and start to heal.

We have many common interests and there is nothing the jew fears more than a pan aryan alliance, I have heard them say this from their own mouths.

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No u r da Pakipoo

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he probably is a paki using Indian proxy

Ability to create advanced culture is tied to race first and foremost. Someone who thinks that modern street shitters once were most advanced civilization in entire Asia and then somehow regressed to current state while remaining same race has severe problems with logic.

That's such a bullshit propaganda article. The INS Arihant doesn't even have a fucking hatch and it conducted a patrol.

Nice try paki
Fucking hell how many Pakis with proxies are there? Everyone's a Paki!

well, then I hope my words find you well.

you have FUCK ALL ability to create culture snownigger, shut your fucking gob and go drink another bottle of vodka drowning your sorrows that there are zero beautiful castles in your shithole country and they are all in India. sages always took birth in India because it is the holy land. I guess I am the one exception, I took birth as a european bc im sick of your shenanigans and overall jewishness. groce.

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>Can't even invent his own meme.

Fuck up, you shit skinned dalit nigger. And know your place. Fyi, we mostly were the rapists, so that rape baby claim means as much as your dark skin in a bleaching parlour. I.e nothing, and most of that rape got concentrated down to your fore mothers. Considering you were slaves en all.

Where are your modern achievements call center boy? Race that was capable of building Indian civilizations of olds has no reason to not retain this ability today. Actually there are some vestiges of it remaining, only they prefer to fuck off to Europe and USA because in India they are getting smothered by vast brown sea of dalits.
And we haven't even started about Sanskrit belonging to same language family as European ones, it is extremely similar to proto-Baltic for example.

We uralic people will wage war with you against the eternal whitey

knew there was a reason i smelled shit, can someone go get baljeet to sweep the street?

Now the majority of indians shit in the street

This, Indians are Australoids with some Sand nig influence from arabia, persia, and the east. Australoids btw are people similar to Andamanese, originating in one of the first OOA migrations. Dumb and ugly and are the main major component in both Central and South poos. The Dravidians who were brown mostly-Australoid with some sandnig-Caucasoid from Georgia, Kuwait and Southern Iran. These people invaded the great Elamite Indus Valley civilization of Pakistan, with running water and even water toilets(continuous flow, not like modern water toilets that flush on command). Ugly and crafty as fuck. Dravidians still dominate Southern and central India and are the genetic core of all the poos between that area. Then there's the Indo-Persians - Sandniggy theifs. The Indo-Persians are Gypsies, Central Indians, Brahmins. Ugly and sinister. These are descendants of the australoids that got raped by Elamites, Arabs, Moghuls, Persians, Turks. Blonde Scythians exterminated many poos and in the process, they absorbed and assimilated lots of the extant Dravidians, thus browning their own race.

Hi handsome.

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>Eating shit

>Shit flinging festivals

>Piss drinking beverages

>Shit loathing Indian babies

>Holy Ganges river full of corpse and piss

>Aborted babies thrown out for wild hogs as meals.

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what the fuck with wrong with these subhumans

i'm not even a racist but indians are the only exceptions
i see blacks, spics, chinks, muslims and mutts as friends but indians are the only exceptions

they disgust me fucking much

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Can't wait to put your black ass back into chains. As my fore fathers did before me, you stinky shit encrusted walking prolapse. Fyi, all these supposed "Indian accomplishments" that occurred on the Indus are rightful Paki clay. Considering we have most of the Aryan input, and geographical land scape that instigated it.

People from present day Pakistan never ruled India.

Are you kidding me? We literally are your upper class. An amalgamation of the Mughals,Aryans,Arabs,Persians,Bactrian Greeks and what ever else that came through the kush, who did rule you. For thousands of years, so much so. That you speak a language most closely associated with our Aryan fore fathers. That we relate more to, because of our Aryan dominated genome.

What color cock do you prefer?

Out of the closet?

Pic related btw, Paki bull Imran Khan.

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How else do you like it?

In an abortion clinic.

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Your nasty!

Ancient Indians were white

Been an hour, so I'll have to bump this thread to keep it going. For a little longer.

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Its your mentality that you think every shitposter is a paki. Pewdiepie was right, you guys have shit for brains.

Discovered zero by counting the amount of toilets ever used by his countrymen.

Lmao look at the delusion.
>we are rapebabies and proud
when the Muslims enslaved Hindus, it was your ancestors who they enslaved, not the present day Hindus, which is why you follow an Arab religion and I continue following an Indic religion.

Pakistanis are the eternal slave race. Now, in the next century you'll be LARPing as Chinese n sheeeet after they rape your women.

>Not the present day Hindus

Lol, all of India was put under Muslim rule during numerous Islamic dynasties. And we were those rapists, since paternal lineages are the deciding factor for heritage. Shit skin.

Much like how you associate with your inconsequential Aryan component, which was brought in through rape making you a rape baby as well, so to do we with what ever our Muslim ancestors were. Obviously we aren't racially the same as said people's though, but this new Paki identity at least enables some association between us.

And Hindus were mostly used as slaves, both then and now. See the UAE, were your beggars run off to. For better prospects, that puts into perspective btw how awful your country is.To make a people wilfully leave for slavery. And the Cannon fodder the Mughals used.

Been nearly 20 minutes or more shit skin, so nothing more left to add? If so, I'm right by default.

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