Tourists are worse than immigrants

Tourists are worse than immigrants

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I kind of like tourists. They pay extremely high hotel taxes, which means that my tax rate is low. Just avoid Miami Beach and Disney, and you hardly notice them.

t. Florida

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whatever you say, guachupine

Mutt, you're the worst kind of tourist. Barely educated and fucking loud.

sorry, we don't send our best.

You also have to understand how horrible life is here to understand why we act so badly on holiday.

That's pretty racist though about sun burn stuff. We can't help that

your country would be in shambles without the tourism industry
humble yourself, conquistador

>Fat cunt American and Brit Tourists are worse than immigrants

>save money from a decade of working
>finally afford a dream vacation to spain
>8 hour flight, screaming babies, massive fat sweaty person sleeping on your shoulder
>arrive in spain, get spit on by locals
>go on tours, get blasted with progressive propaganda
>hang out on the beach, get assaulted by locals for being too white

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That guy on the left has 100% pure anglo genes.

Then stop propagating a tourist industry that appeals to low class brits, who are barely above that of negroids

Yes, working in Venice I can testify that tourists do manage to be more subhuman than tourists sometimes. But at least the go back to their fucking countries after shitting up the place, unlike niggers.

Don't come then

Save for a decade, damn.

>>save money from a decade of working
>>finally afford a dream vacation to spain
Roundtrip flights to Spain are only like $500

here we treat tourists as zoo animals

not counting the cost of hotels, food, rental cars etc. you fucking mongoloid

Tourists leave and bring money.

Since when is a hotel, food, or rental car considered a flight?

Besides, hostels are like 10EUR/night. You could do a 2 week trip to Europe for ~$1500

All of that is another $1000 max. If it takes you years to accumulate $1500 then you're a broke bum.

tourists spend money then go home
immigrants cost money and wont leave

>not going to Thailand where you will never be hated for being too white

Yeah but you're a gilipolla

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I agree

Shut the fuck up, bacon

I always wonder if these threads are started by some African immigrant in Spain

"Tourism is National Prostitution"

Try working for a living, Emmanuel

you're a dumb nigger who works an entry level job and doesn't know how to plan a vacation properly.

Nigga you know a vacation costs more than the flight

Nobody in America visits your country. I mean come on, your people's chief export is nixie tubes and sodium Bicarbonate. Your average medium income is 1/40th that of a US household, and your principle mode of conveyance is powered by a 2-stroke engine. And let's not forget that over 80% of your population carries at least 30% sub-saharan DNA.

how so?

Still a better insult than gilipolla

fucking brits, only thing that they do in Spain (Magaluf and the islands) is do balconing and be drunk.

Who the fuck mentioned America? Once again a fat mongoloid thinking he is the centre of the world

Tourists leave.

A nice thing about Norway, is how tourists only come once, because they see how fucking stupidly expensive everything is, and poor-off back to their own nations realizing how poor they really are.

> tfw being loved long time for five dolla

It's genetics. Just a few react this bad.

Tourists dont bother me and I live in Florida lol. They spend a fuck ton of money. I'd much rather have tourism than unchecked mass migration lol. I cant imagine why anyone would feel otherwise.

They probably see your child brothels and leave

Why would anyone waste their vacation time doing anything else but hiring lbfms?

He didnt me tion America or have an American flag.

Hardly. The tourists are a temporary problem. The cultural enrichmentists are your problem until the day one of you dies. And nice false equivalency, by the way.

You mean you and your fellow yuropoor.

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>People bring money in by visiting my country thats drowning in debt & the most useless generation of youth ever seen on this Earth
>I must complain about the visitors

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You're a country conformed by the scum of the worst civilization whoever walked on Earth. Shut the fuck up and pay respect.

That's Denmark, wrong country.

block them from entering then.

Tourists spend money and go away. You’re just a cuck. Sure tourists are annoying, but they won’t make your grandchildren brown. Change your priorities.

I’m visiting Tenerife in a couple of months, what do mainland Spaniards think of it?

Hey how are you spending your vacations raping asian girls?

I see a bloke enjoying a pint. What's the matter, too alpha for you, you little queer?

I'd never go to Norway/Sweden because you make being a whore perfectly legal but huring a whore a crime. Clown world. Also your food and booze suck.

If you ever left your city you are a tourist faggot
If you never left you city your a much bigger faggot

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Trash appeals to trash. The problem lies with your low-market tourist industry.

Americans mad when OP was very likely more angry at Brit tourists is pretty hilarious.

Nah they aren't, stop being stupid spaniard

Nope, prostitution is fully illegal in Norway, Sweden is a different story.

Is that why Europe is flooding itself with subhuman shitskins? To stop tourists from coming?

Isn't tourism the only good thing going for Spain?

Aren't there more Spanish economic immigrants in Europe, than there are tourists in Spain at any given time?

Dont piss in the well you're drinking from Hose.

What is your surname?

So you think that tourists avoid your country because it's expensive instead of because
>no whores
>shitty beer
>aquavit is nasty
>shitty food
>cold weather
The only thing you can do there is look at some fjords. What a gay ass country.

That's funny because Hawaii charges insane hotel taxes an YET still taxes the shit out of its own citizens
What's The reason for the difference ?
Florida is Republican
Hawaii is Democrat

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Hawaii is only good for one thing: catching a flight to Thailand or the Philippines

>The smaller breweries have good beers, don't buy big-brand mass-produced shit.
>Aquavit is nasty indeed, but tourists love it for some reason
>Food is very varied throughout the whole country, very high michelin star restaurant count per capita
>not gonna argue with the weather, just have to not be a bitch
It's #1 on the HDI for a reason, it is defacto objectively the world's best country to live in by all international standards. Personally I think it needs to borrow some points from the U.S constitution.

Needs more balconing tbqh

I'm with manolo here

Back to your shit hole, you degenerate pigs.

Btw, the women you Europeans and Burgers bring here are filthy whores. The shit they do. Jesus Christ.

No need to rape something thats eagerly hopping on my dick in groups :^)

Your nigger-ass should stay mad tho. Tell your mom I said Hi!

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It's not too difficult to be with me when you see this, Joao

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>It's #1 on the HDI for a reason
>objectively good
You know that HDI is rigged as a means to promote policies. Let me give you an example. Short haired women in pantsuits who desire to steer policy want women in the workforce. They know that for this to happen there needs to be lots of daycare available. So they say "part of the development index should be how much daycare is available", and then move on to the next pozzed goal they have such as promoting public transportation even though everyone prefers to have a car.

ITT: countries without tourism talking about why tourism is good


>Btw, the women you Europeans and Burgers bring here are filthy whores.

That's because you like 'em young and pure, right? Like around Madeleine McCann's age...

The German and Dutch "men" I always see wearing that look like autistic beanpole kids.

>let's not forget that over 80% of your population carries at least 30% sub-saharan DNA.
Says the most blacked country in history

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>a decade of work goes to vacation in some country
I will never understand this boomer mentality

Hey, we're not Brazil you fucking retard

She was kidnapped in an area where there are almost no Portuguese. Just old fat britbongs and their wives. Btw, the last news on this claimed there was a new GERMAN suspect. Color me surprised.

Atleast tourists leave instead of staying for ever

Come to Costa RIca please. We literally overcharge gringos by law in national parks

Not when your government makes your country a tax haven for them if they stay.

>Nobody in America visits your country
Fucking mutt can't even read the thread, fuck off from my board

Hostels are for heroin addicts.

You will be like that soon, marica.

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Came to post this, Here we have mostly Dutch and German tourists, they don't really cause any problems as they are 99% old couples and or families with their children.
I can imagine having the worst scum from the British isles and Scandinavia as tourists is absolute cancer.

>spend a lot of money
>take a lot of money

I’ll take a tourist over an immigrant 10/10 times

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lmao you meds would be totally screwed without tourism

>be spaniard
>literally cant do anything else than serve beer and cook
>b-but i-ihate thees tourists!!!!
must feel shit when you die without the tourists...

Surely, that's because they buy houses to come EVERY summer, increasing rents for the locals

U live in the country with more suicides, think about that

T Jacksonville

I think I know why this thread was made. Are you sore because the Bongs have destroyed the rest of the Eurofags in the Champions League? More than a few tears were shed after the clubbing Barca received, I'm sure. Tee-hee!

Hard to swallow pill, but bong is right and based

Fucking seething.

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Ebin lad

Never ran into that in Europe, m8. More drunks than anything

If you're proud of this you must be mental