Good morning, Jow Forums

Good morning, Jow Forums

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it's 19 in the fucking evening dude


mornin Herb

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Good morning sissy.

Morning, inb4 schizo with the copypasta.

Nice to meet you


Morning Commie

Well that Romanian didn't come today, that's good


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Oh there he is

Kindly kys hypocrite.
Daily reminder that this Proxyfagging, Danish, jobless subhuman is a cryptospammer, a pony spammer and a pedo spammer.
Also, they are the fake Romanian Schizo:
They also sperg'd out on this thread and proved it for me.
Finally their obsession with Ritsu further proved it.
Image hash confirms:
They also Impersonate posters in order to smear their reputations and trick them into fighting each other.


I have a question to ask you?

R u really from Cambodia?

Could you pls contain your copypasta to 1 thread? Or at least keep using 1 trip so people can filter you?

See the autism of who I'm following:

Yes, not a lot of people believe me because there's not a lot of Cambodian on here

you're both the problem

>t.bumstead with a jungle asian proxy

Hi Herb.

t. nigger faggot

seethe harder bumstead

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Hi chen

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How are you? I'm doing okay today, though today was a bad day for the board.

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prove it

Yeah, I kept getting these people saying I use proxy even though I'm actually Cambodian. Like what am I gonna do? Move to the US?


Just ignore them and move on.

People just want your face to stick in their collages.

youre a dogkike


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What the fuck is a dogkike

cope much?

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what? youre not making sense

how am i coping?
some horrible meme americans are trying to project onto me

Ignore Amei too, everything he does is for attention.

Can I ask you the question now?

I don't even know who to trust

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Trust yourself.

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kys bumstead you dick sucking faggot
why do bantoids look like this

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Can you respond to me now, I have a question to ask for you.

What is it

How do you feel about this image?

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Gib me your face pic. I must expand my bant collection.

Do you have any words to describe it? And if you do which one or ones do you want to fuck?

>Ok dogkike.


It's okay, I would go for the frog girl desu.

What would you do with the ninja girl, the purple girl, the depressed girl, the blond girl, the egg girl, the edgy girl, and the cowgirl? Would you help them find boyfriends?

I'm not up for that job

So all these girls would Iive at your house then caring for you?

I don't know, I have my plants

You could hire them as gardeners and teach them to do garden work.



If you do, I hope you can draw you with these girls gardening if you do draw this character which you probably don’t.

Yeah I never draw

Well have a good night

Good night, pimp

ade kys you absolute double nigger