Cancer games hospital thread got shoah'd so continue it here

Cancer games hospital thread got shoah'd so continue it here

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Wat is dis? Can i has a quik rundown plox?

Hasn't stopped, he's spamming r*ls**'s thread now, I'm sure he'll come back in any minute

you know it's not hard to say my name faggot

Punished Paulie

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Goddamn it Fagmark is back.

korbo of Jow Forums

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based and redpilled

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Spammer is getting banned now

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Tadaaa, good job jannies

It’s Elliot Rodger here, should I continue with the games?

Good job OP! Im super happy for you.

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Come back in a few hours, looks like right now it wouldn't be the best of things to run


try harakiri

this is gonna be epic

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Exposing the the truth of Touhou Project.
Maribel is German and Renko is Japanese, two points are speaking therefore, the familiar relationship of the countries and ZUN love for beer.
Maribel's surname is Hearn just like Lafcadio HEARN, he became one of the first weeaboos ever and translated the first books of Japanese youkai tales and magic for Europeans, later on he changed his name to Koizumi YAKUMO to begin a new life as a real Japanese man and marry legitimately a Japanese woman.
Also somewhat a fact is that people with German and Japanese heritage experience and encounter more often paranormal things than others. ZUN knows something we don't.

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Well done. You've did the research.


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AU in general.

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Should I still do this?

Perhaps make another thread. Its night so I assume its a great time to do another one.

I’m going to let this die and make another one tomorrow

Yes you should indeed still suck start a shotgun

Alright then. Have a good one OP and everyone.