Ugly people of Jow Forums

Ugly people of Jow Forums

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I fail to see how ashleyfag or kureizy are ugly

>still don't see myself

Thank you Ade. I'm not gonna even gay you up, just thank you.

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wait which one are you I don't know anyone here

Bottom left.

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>tfw Jow Forums always uses the same image to push the Normie is ugly agenda

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can't tell much from the op picture but in your picture you look pretty decent but the long hair looks dumb you would look better with shorter hair imo

Holy shit look at the catalog.
Your mere presence was enough to trigger Fagmark and your gaying up that thread with me and him watching it all sent him into a hysterical rage
He wants you, it's plain and simple, he wants you and he's fucking jelly of me.

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Thank you friend

who's that in the top right corner?

Has he just been gay for me all this time? If he wanted a Normie daddy all he had to do was ask instead of lashing out for negative attention lerl

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Whoever it is, it’s a new edition

It's the only thing that explains his obsession with you.
He's crushing HARD and can't admit it to himself.
That's why he's obsessed with me, the Mrs, F - we're closer to you than he ever was or would be.

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True also fUK id

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It all makes sense now. He's like a child picking on everyone around me in order to get my attention.
Fagmark if you're reading this i luv u too bby u3u

And we could even become friends if you just cleaned up your act.

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100% this I'm so sick of this shit. Lets just be frens, exchange noods and fugg already.

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>implying that they are not only people
seething hedonism

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Speak for yourself.

my wife akari is so cute



He’s super mad too since he got at least three of his VPN exit points banned.

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only like 3 of those people are ugly

Why arent you out there making baby Chens. Sheesh.


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ngl ashleyfag is pretty handsome

Contributing France

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what a blockhead

what a chad

Please give me kot

Yikes, that's what Fagmark looks like?

you forgot somebody

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What happened to polanon? I havn't seen him in a while...

It's op obv

The not female in the jap school girl outfit is cute! But I don’t think that’s really anyone from bant

add this picture of me

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im here ama

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That's greekgod's face. Fagmark doesn't really look like that irl

Am I ugly?

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According to Google, PinkyBong is a "Gent", not ugly.

Post a pic of yourself OP, and let Chen decide your fate! keke

Sup my BritNig :D

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asume the consequences of posting your picture

>lol'd at the triple posting

you two are absolutely insane

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Trips confirm the Insanity

Your famous now dawg!

BTW, your new name is BritNig

I know

And not even a ThankYou Sir PinkyBong for this Honor.

You ungrateful little cunt!

thank you pinkybong

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Based trips. Always say thank you to PinkyBong you newfag.

you look good desu

Welcome to the Senpai

Says you and your pathetic dubs against my almighty trips!

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Yes, you're a newfag.

you should make a "good people of Jow Forums" poster and put raphiposter on it

Nah, I'm a FameFag

Why isn't Jackson on there twice?

El caudillo and pinky are not that ugly

>not that ugly

Who is the qt in the dress?

He is really really short. A manlet++

Fag Detected

Talking about yourself again?

Nah. Just "opening your eyes".

Maybe you ought to read my book “The Psychology of the Selfie and How to Avoid a Narcissistic Personality” its available on Kindle, too.

Alice and Ashley are cute though


Then forever be blind to the intricacies of photography psychology. Fagmark is a manlet, the angle and posture says it all.


>How to Avoid a Narcissistic Personality

Not ready for fatherhood yet.
AND I LLOVE ITTT!!!!111!!1!!
Thanks lad.

Wow, there are a lot of ugly people on /ba-

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Thank you leaf fren. You are berry nice.

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a lot of tripfags jerking each other off in here

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Me on the bottom middle

Maggie Maggie Maggie Maggie

Long time no see Maggy
How r you

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i'm uglier
they don't compare to me

I want to put that thing out of its misery

i might post my picture sometime

you’re cute

Blind people of Jow Forums

>still not on the list somehow
wtf you dumb neet, do you shit properly already


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stop bumping this shit already


I made a nice little thread for you on /baaa/ btw

No u.

>tfw not on the ugly people list
Yatta desune!

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