A reminder

Jow Forums is not:
Jow Forums‘s garbage can
/jp/‘s backdoor
[s4s]’s bitch
Jow Forums‘s secondhand
Cirno’s board
/lgbt/ or Jow Forums (fundamentally no difference)
Circlejerk central
Incel cope forum
Namefag appreciation board
Drama Alert hotspot
A battleground for proxy wars
and fetish posting site

Jow Forums is International/Random stop spamming the board to death jesus fuck

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/b*nt/ - Romania General
and anyone else can suck me off if they think otherwise

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>implying that random doesn't mean any of those things
Lole shut up

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Epic reality check.

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Something being random doesn’t give you the right to be goddamn annoying about it

dios mio

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nigga that's how it is on this bitch of a board
dios mio is right, you are being a retard russia.

Just start posting diapers so you can get banned again I don’t care anymore

It's one Dane spamming the whole board with frogs, ponies (including that one scat pic), >romania threads.

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nigga you gotta let sleeping dogs lie
we aint got the patience for hardheaded niggas

look over there

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what is it?

Jow Forums is not:
discord ready
twitter compatible
reddit friendly
facebook worthy
Jow Forums‘s garbage can desu
/jp/‘s backdoor; except on tuesdays
[s4s]’s bitch [noun] a female dog
Jow Forums‘s secondhandjob
Cirno’s board and lumber co
/lgbt/ or Jow Forums (fundamentally no difference) not arguing with that
2D/Random name generator
Circlejerk central station
Incel cope forum, open 24/7
Namefag appreciation board and woodworking co
Drama Alert hotspot, also alex is a stupid nigger
A battleground for proxy wars, or the war to end all wars
>Romania is a country and fetish posting site, visit us now!

/chen/ is Local/Scheduled stop spamming the board to death jesus fuck me in the ass desu

Nah I'm not posting ponies again or doing "dumb shit" to get me banned loleoleoleoeoleoleoleole
after all, why the fuck would i want to do that?

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la créature

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I was a good post but It ran away.

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I like this one I’ll use it next time

you are significantly less annoying than when you first came

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Don’t worry all of your posts are good

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y-y-you too....

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i already noticed that anyway

I wish you were a little bit less smug

>implying that i'm not smug
yeah no

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I was implying the exact opposite you troglodyte

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Kot General - Bant

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Kot General - Bant

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