Anyone else disgusted by niggers!

Anyone else disgusted by niggers!

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I would fuck the black off of her.

Some of our most baste toasters are niggers

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Das rayciss mane


i find them kinda gross but i have met some i can respect. i prefer asians or whites
u mean fagmark?

I thought we all agreed his FagName is BritNig?

Britnig? i didnt know.

Fuck niggers but literally

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i'm disgusted by cumskins

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Yea, he joined our Chen last night. He probably won't come back tho, cos of racist fuckers like OP

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hmm well okey.

It's just the way it is ~ 2Pac

people who are obssesed with race are idiots

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He won't come back because you are an imbecile.

I believe there is only ONE race, the human race. Whom are a "Species". Just like ALL the animal kingdom can be divided into species. ALL specials should be considered as equal. Why are you Speciest??? What makes you beehive the human race is better than the animal kingdom?

It's not my fault. I made the nigger an instant NameFag. So it's now up on him do do, what he's gotta do.

who fucking cares?
this, go to a shithole like /b/ or Jow Forums where your people belongs

to be honest i really dont care. i just find obsessing about race being stupid and a waste of time

It is, you forced him to be something he is not. Not everybody who comes here is an attention whore, idiot.
>to be honest i really dont care
told you


>Not everybody who comes here is an attention whore


oof, super reply, pic related

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