This is my wife, say something good about her

This is my wife, say something good about her.

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Why is your wife a man?

what might the problem be with that user?
besides, he is tight anyway.

He has good taste in sailor senshi

trannie alert

always the best.


how might it be a tranny desu?

His ex-wife is hotter



Stop being gay

ice body

there we go user.

I beg to differ.
i dont listen to places that believe israel is legitimate.

Best wife


I rate her a broken marriage/10

decent rating, but thats only between him and his ex, ive still got all the love in the world to give to him

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why is projared your wife?

Why not?
he is a good waifu.

i love my wife.

Looks very faithful

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Im also a wife

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True, but mine is better.
Thanks user, his boipussy is the greatest, and i love it when he dresses up as characters he loves when we get into bed and get all kinky and stuff~
(and if what you said user was ironic, so be it.)
Don't worry, subscribers arent forever, but i am.

>1000000 to 800000 in a week
your wife fucked up!

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That's only from the upset whiteknights is all user.
he is perfect to me.