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my fucking sides
how will he ever recover?



oh shit ive been found out

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ride em cowboy

leddit farmer
upvotinf this gem


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i've run out of ideas for comics.

saloon fight ft. Jow Forums crew?

i have templates for duke, chen, pd, ralsei and borche. thats it.

i still have the idea for a post nuke war bant comic. but i have no idea how to make it.

so instead im working on wold war bant.

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that sounds like an interesting comic idea

just now i started work on a second part of my first.

Seems like we're living in post nuke Jow Forums right now.

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yea and it sucks

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I look forward to it then

re using this as a template.

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my sides

Who's Harold?

the main character from the first comic

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oh right. nice.

want a seek peek at the new comic?

Hell yes I do!

it keeps maxing out over 2mb. let me fix it

well i was messing with it. over and over and it was not going down. it was not saving right. so this is not the final product.

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this explains the current situation accurately

on bant?

yeah, but more specifically the raisel/asrial/mittens/ralsei/desu situation.

yes. (still my favorite comic that i made)

the fact that relatable and true makes it a side splitter

in the new comic ralsei will be back. this time as the villan.

then I'll be waiting patiently till then

i was making a metal gear comic where ralsei was also the villan. im too lazy to work on it.

yeah, just work on your current projects, for now, can't have too many balls in the air at once

i have all the time in the world but im too lazy.

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alternate universe where i actually kill the yellow human first before he does
lol impostor fag