Did raphi really an hero????

did raphi really an hero????

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pls be true

I hope not. I was waiting for his redemption arc, where he has a mental breakdown and comes back 3 months later as a better person.

why 3 months

>an hero
This is the stupidest shit ever said in Internet History.

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not a newfag. i came here 1 year ago dumbass
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go commit not feeling so good 2.0 in avengers endgame

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what are u talking about

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if i'm a newfag then why am i using Jow Forums right now, knowing every single technique used in this board?

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>wanting to be awarded the golden ipod
Perception check: failed.

Maybe my bad dreams will finally go away.

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>knowing every single technique
You need to be 18 to post here.

But I am grown up.