Post pics that are literally you

post pics that are literally you

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me literally on the right
my sister on the left
no incest though, we love each other platonically

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Literally me

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This is literally me.

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Me irl

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That's not you korbo

Prove it

Give back my reaction images first

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Stalking is not okay

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It's fun though

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You're up to something

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No i just like scaring people, i'd never do anything serious

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Never as in actually harmful, as i said i only like scaring people

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*hugs* :3

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Go be faggots there.


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I like you anone~

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***** samefaging gay rp

Wrong i know him on discord desu

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How did you find out, i rarely open it anymore

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This isn’t your own personal d*scord server.

Same reaction pics silly

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Stfu, this board is shit anyways

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Korbo Korbo Korbo

I'm not korbo

>likes being gay
Yeah your pretty much Korbo. The only think that would make it more obvious would be a huge hatred of Christianity and promoting left-wing politics.

Shut the fuck up go pray to your kike on a stick

>there's only one gay italian
Ok retard, i don't care what you believe in



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Oh look, there’s Korbo.
Alright, sorry for bothering you. You still need to go back to your containment boards though, just like K*rbo.

I just like stalking him because i like how he acts, you better be sorry

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You don't get to decide shit deal with it

I mean it faggot, you have to go back.

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Make me nigger

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Why are Jow Forumslutants so cringe? Why do they think that they deserve a say in matters that don't even affect them? Why is it always the flag of the ***?

Make more gay threads to piss them off


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