Day 30

Daily reminder that this Proxyfagging, Danish, jobless subhuman is a cryptospammer, a pony spammer and a pedo spammer.
Also, they are the fake Romanian Schizo:
They also sperg'd out on this thread and proved it for me.
Finally their obsession with Ritsu further proved it.
Image hash confirms:
They also Impersonate posters in order to smear their reputations and trick them into fighting each other.

In typical degenerate fashion, they're trying to impersonate me in order to smear me. If they use my name without my secure trip code (!!1Od0OTc4aZI) then it isn't me.
Final note: I haven't been b& once for this. When the report function is spammed the thread is taken down, but must then be reviewed by mods before a b& can occur. You'd know this if you used it normally, instead of abusing it.

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Other urls found in this thread:


Now with comedy corner, presenting Fagmark's big gay larp:

upvoting this gem

It's 30 days straight that I haven't let some retarded neet dictate what I do.


our hero

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poo in loo

How can perro caca even hope to compete?


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Not as based as you Toothpasta.

That fucker's using a toilet. That makes poor perro look like an Indian.

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DAY 30

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What day did you get to when you were doing this meme?

buttblasted: the thread

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Fagmark uses discord, lol.

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Good work, my dude

This'll be the last edition of the daily thread. It's been 30 days that Fagmark hasn't been able to stop me, and that cat's not going back into the bag.

lole so u r giving up already
Guess I'll celebrate with some more posts

30 days you haven't been able to stop me and the threads have served their purpose. Everybody already knows.

>Everybody already knows.
ya and no one cares lole

Thanks kid. One admission to all of it ends these threads nicely. It's a good thing I don't pay you for doing my job for me, I'd be considering you for a raise right now.

If you stop making these threads then fagmark will only post more. These are his kryptonite, you need to keep going

I'm going to keep going, I'll simply engaging in getting his proxies b& and messing up his posts. Trust me, the threads have served their purpose. Up above in the OP is every weapon you could need against him too.

But without these there won’t be a thread to contain his autism specifically. If you think about it from a war perspective, having your enemy in a confined area only makes your chances of succeeding rise. The mods will will be able to take him out easily since they know that he always posts in this thread out of pure rage

......have you seen the rest of the board?


Any thread I post is a target these days. Don't worry so much, I am the bait. Also, if he were really contained he wouldn't have 12 active threads at this time.

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If they particularly get out of hand though, the thread may come back, but not as a daily thing.

Imma go off to play vidya, see y'all around.

Have a good night Chen.

I meant contain as in he will always consistently sperg out in these threads. I do respect the damage that it has done to “his” reputation overall and I still believe that it should be daily but I resepct your decision. You’ve done great deal of service here futuresight, it’s clear how much fagmark gets triggered over you. Also a nice end to it with the fact that fagmark does use discord now as evident from your info

lmao look at this mutt

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They flipped out and deleted the post, a little Freudian slip. Now I can switch to trying to find someone who knows them in on discord. For the freedom of Jow Forums, I fight.

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the fact that you're doing this just for him sounds like he's dicating exactly what you do

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Could mods have woken up? There are no more stale reddit spam, hope they shitted all VPNs and proxyfaggots. Frogs are still, but an achievement is an achievement.

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I've noticed that they've been alot more active here lately. If it's not a mod then we at least have a designated janny.

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good post btw

Oh yeah, SSP, I have a really long memory and just recalled something from a Happy Day thread last year. Seems Fagmark's been false flagging you and Seubi for a long time now.

that was three months ago you mong

>Ignores the content
>Goes for the small detail
You are a living caricature.

Im not against VPNs and proxies, but because of this stupid D*nish subhuman abusing them to spam and being an unfunny retard more than 200-300-400 ips are going to be banned sequentially by ip range

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Based and saved.

Sounds like a plan. Btw, this'll be the last daily thread. After this it'll be on an as needed basis to educate newfigs.

and the world holds its breath