ITT we plan our revolt against (((fappy gay)))'s tyranny and lies

ITT we plan our revolt against (((fappy gay)))'s tyranny and lies

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who are you quoting

im quoting my dick nigger

She cute. What's her name?

schlomo "happy day" kikenberg

Spam threads to oblivion

That doesn't sound like a name for a 2hu.

*Audible hand rubbing from OP*

its not a 2hu its a malicious datamining mossadnigger

Ah, you meant Yuuka. Got it. She cute by the way.

im quoting my dick nigger my ass faggot

im quoting my dick nigger my ass faggot my dick nigger

t. butthurt (((fappy gay))) shill

Ah, yes - definitely.
For tyrant's death, haha!

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seething indeed

T. Living stereotype

t. butthurt (((fappy gay))) shill

shut upe


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Who's fappy gay?

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A cutie.

Trannies are not cute

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from the wiki

An avatarfagging namewalk of tripfagging abomination who day by day makes the same fucking threads with the only one difference of it being one higher number than yesterday.
His threads comprise of massive circlejerks and stupidity, with [s4s] memes being the norm
Outside of his thread, he hints at his presence like any attention-starved namefag by using lots of plug-in scripts and ending his sentences with tildes (to mimic hand movement or something).

He also likes to write additional thoughts in Superscript (ˡᶦᵏᵉ ᵗʰᶦˢ) or uses these bears as if it's the funniest thing ever ʕ•ᴥ• ʔᴥ-ʔ {ARE YA LAUGHING NOW, MISTER KRABS?)

OP gets jealous of happy day because his breads invariably garner hundreds of replies every day (2019, colorised)

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consider suicide

(The reason this section exists is because Yuuka needs to show everyone how HUGE HIS DICK IS)

Why are you projecting, stupid kike?

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the Chad Polack vs Virgin Israel

Based in fact.

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>i have nothing else to say so i'll pick on le filename
>pictures do not circulate the web in the slightest, so anyone who posts tumblr filenames must be a card carrying tumblr user
lole okay

posted this on reddit got 1000 karma thanks buddy

who are you quoting

Masha'Allah my brother
death to the infidel

Happyday is a kind person. Please stop

The discord army is assembling based Jewish man... We must stand against them in these trying times


fagmark thread
do not reply

schizo reply
remember to hide it and filter the czech flag if you haven't already