Which groups do you hate the most?

For me it’s
1. Spics
2. Faggots/LGBT
3. Slavs
4. Jews
5. Turks (in Anatolia only)
6. Indians
7. Americans
8. Cuckservatives
9. Leftist/liberals
10. Niggers
Boomers are in category 8.

What’s your list?

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its funny because amerimutts are all of them

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>3. Slavs
whiter than you, burger king

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He is fat, but he is whiter than most Americans. Russians are Asian, Turkish, Khazarian, German and about 50 other different ethnicities. They're probably the biggest mutts on Earth.

>They're probably the biggest mutts on Earth.

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This is a slavmutt, post real pictures of amerimutts and not cartoons kike.

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silly user, i don't hate any groups

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>post real pictures of amerimutts
cant be bothered
have a single one instead

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1.ignorant idiots

I hate haters
If you hate people you can just literally go die

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>One group tricking you into hating another group, so that yet another group can get tricked into hating you

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4.People i dont know personally

I hate efficiently,
I target specific individuals

1. cp posters on loli threads
2. Jow Forums
3. /c/ posters
4. ur mom
5. ur mom
6. ur mom
7. ur mom
don't have the energy to do 3 more

No arabs/muslims?

I love everybody!

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Jow Forumsfags


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1. people who should go back

opposite for me

They are fine as long as they don’t act like spics