Did futuresightfag ever solve that puzzle he was talking about?

Did futuresightfag ever solve that puzzle he was talking about?

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doubt hes gonna be solving any puzzles anytime soon with that braindamage of his

I doubt it.

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Turned out a bit more complicated than I initially thought, but a few more pieces to it have been pinned down. For instance, most of the bad posts on the board are made by 1 person with many proxies.

What if that's what (((they))) want you to believe?
Who's REALLY pulling the strings here?

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Still working on it, every attack they launch on me gleans more information about the overall situation. Next up is proving that they use a discord to organize, the attacks seem to be too well organized to be pulled off without an outside line.

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Hey man, how’s it going?

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Yikes, futasugfag really is brain damaged

hes too busy defending Jow Forums from denmark and furries
truly heroic
discord post

All's well, same old same old around here, how's it going Elliot?

I plan on now hosting Cancer Games on just Fridays and Saturdays now, next game being on Saturday.

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Nice, I'll probably be there, I'm only unsure because I'm headed to a big party that night.

Can I come?

Pretty much anybody's welcome to his Cancer Games. It runs on a random event generators so it's pretty much always something different every time.

To the party, I meant.

>Fridays and Saturdays
What a great schedule.

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You ever been in my games? They’re very fun

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I'm Yukari silly. I've been in them time to time whenever I'm bored.

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Oh yeah, I didn’t know cause you didn’t have your name.

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I'll use Yukari as a name whenever I'm there. See you tomorrow Supreme Gentleman.

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mental illness