Story time #53421652

>Be me
>Wake up on Christmas
>I get a really big present
>open it
>get pic related
What do Jow Forums?

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Leave it alone and ship it to Africa.

CAn I post this on r/greentexts?

shove an umbrella up her ass, open it, decapitate her, and burn her dead body

Why specifically Africa?
No, Plebbit is for normies.

found the normalfag

Wow, a Jew calling me a normie. How ironic.

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Bump because I want people to see.

haha what if it was me instead of neo

HIV, AIDS, and finally, EPIC genocides.

Do you have a dick? If you do then I would tell you to fuck off.
And how would you do that with the girl?

Let the Africans have intercourse with her? Its fairly easy to catch those diseases in Africa.

Sounds fun.

Sure, it sounds fun when your penis is bleeding.

Based and straightpilled.

cringe and straightcuckpilled

Of course Yiffrael would not like this.

Imagine the smell...

That mesmerizing smell of this pink-and-brown haired girl.

Bump for you bitches.

i would lewd desu

>No, Plebbit is for normies.
holy fuck youre new

I thought you were gay.
>everyone who hates Plebbit is a newfag
Christ how new are you?

im bisexual tho

only newfags use based reddit as an insult

Cry because its not taokaka

And I do not care as long as you don’t scream out “I LOVE COCKS” out everywhere. Gays are kinda cringe though.
Damn Yiffrael really is being cringe right now.
So what would you still do with the girl then. Would you clothe her and send her to meet someone else?

stfu newfaggot shill

people who are scared of being just little gay are cringe tho

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Alright, well what sex stuff would you do to the ice cream girl?

oral and penetrate =w=

After fucking her what would you do with her afterwards?

lots of cuddling and then sleep

What would you make her wear since she came naked?

itt op jacking off to the idea of him being raped by this mutt

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a maid outfit!

pls get off thread

fucking destroy that thot

What would you do that doesn’t involve sex with her?

pat her and love her =w=

Where would you take her to for dates?

idk to be honest. also i dont have much money heh... hopefully i can be at home with her doing NEET stuff together. going vacay together would be nice =w=

Where would you take a vacation to? The Bahamas, Italy, Macau? What place would it be?

geez anywhere is kinda bit of a drag. i wanna go to phillipines again that would be cool

If you took her to the beach would you give her a swimsuit like this?

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thats kinda lewd. i wouldnt like people eying on my cutie. though its her own choice

What about this?

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its just whatever she picks as long as she isnt naked lole

Well what you said was very innocent and made me wish this girl was real. Have a good day.

Wait, I forgot one last swimsuit, which is this.

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oh have a nice day too
i like it