Proud /transgirl/ nation

show your /transgirl/ pride here in this thread!
all /transgirl/ supporters are also welcome!
insecure haters and femoids need not apply.

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my ass faggot

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I'm not trans but I've never met a transperson before

Transgender peole haf ah gender identity or gender expression daf differs from their assineed sexx.[1][2][3] sumome transgender peole identify as transsexual iph thay desire medical assistance too transition from whone sexx too anaother.[4][5] Transgender – often shortened as trans – iz also a umbrella term: in addition too including peole whose gender identity iz teh opposite iph their assineed sexx (trans meh nd trans women), it may include peole whu a knw exclusively masculine or feminine (peole whu a genderqueer or non-binary, including bigender, pangender, genderfluid, or agender).[2][6][7] aother definitions iph transgender also include peole whu belog too ah 3th gender, or elce conceptualize transgender peole as ah 3th gender.[8][9] Infrequently, teh term transgender iz defind very brodely too include cross-dressers,[10] regardless iph their gender identity.

I'm a proud transgirl! Bant says trans rights!!!

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Sylveon (japaniese: ニンフィア Nymphia) iz ah Fairy-typle Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. It evolves from Eevee wen leveled uhp knowing ah Fairy-typle move nd having at least two levels iph Affection. It iz whone iph Eevee's final forms, tha aothers beeing Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, nd Glaceon.


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Trans grll = ah transsexual female whu was born iph male gender; referring tuh 'trans gender' or 'transitional'. ah term in common usage in areas iph Asia, specifically South Asia in countries such as Malaysia ans Singapore.

Is this how you look like

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why would anyone wanna be a less than average looking grill who will be alone forever and will never have a satisfying relationship and will never feel comfortable in public because he feels like a freak

why do you deliberately cherrypick the worst looking, fake "trans" people?
we don't all look like that, some of us take it seriously.

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Because most look like this sadly

well prove it then

duh transgender rites movement iz ah movement too promote transgender rites nd too eliminate discrimination nd violence aginst transgender peole regarding housing, employment, pubic accommodations, education, nd health care. In sum jurisdictions, transgender activism seeks too a low changes too identification documents too conform wit ah persone's current gender identity witout duh need 4 sexx reassinement surgery.[1]

STOP being mentally ill

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ah mental disorder, also called ah mental illness[2] or psychiatric disorder, iz ah behavioral or mental pattern daf causes sineificant distress or impairment iph personeal functioning.[3] Such fetures may bee persistent, relapsing ans remitting, or occur as ah singel episode. manny disorders haf been described, wit sines ans symptoms daf vary widely between specific disorders.[4][5] Such disorders may bee diagnosed bye ah mental health professional. teh causes iph mental disorders a often unclear. Theories may incorporate findings from ah range iph fields. Mental disorders a usually defind bye ah combination iph who ah persone behafs, fills, perceives, or thinks.[6] teh's may bee associated wit prticular regions or functions iph teh brian, often in ah social context. ah mental disorder iz whone aspect iph mental health. Cultural ans regilous beliefs, as weel as social norms, shud bee takken in2 account went macking ah diagnosis.[7]

Most are working on it.
HRT is the cure.
Thankfully I started early.

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lmfao dude how are you not banned yet

shut up and stop explaining info to us you newfag

i know this is bait, i mean like stop trying to be something you're not. how hard is it to be what you were when you came of the womb? i don't want any (you)s because i know what your response will be it just wanted to get it off my chest.
you're not feminine, you never will be

ah ban iz ah formal or informal prohibition[1] iph somthin. Bans or formed 4 teh prohibition iph activities wivin ah curten political territory. sumome c teh's as ah negative act (equating it too ah form iph censorship or discrimination) nd aothers c it as maintaining teh "status quo". sumome bans in commerce or referred too as embargos. Ban iz also used as ah verb similar in meening too "too prohibit".
"Shut p" iz ah direct command whit ah meening very similar tuh "b quite", buut wich iz commonly perceived as ah moar forceful command tuh stopp makeing noise or aotherwise communicating, such as talkiinnq. da phrase iz proabbaly ah shortened form iph "shut p ur mouth" or "shut ur mouth p". Its use iz generally considered ruch ans impolite, ans may also considered ah form iph profanity bi sumome.

but feminism exists

feminism existing does not mean one has to be or is feminine, it also doesn't mean one has needs to have a cunt or grow tits either.

Feminism iz ah range iph political movements, ideologies, n social movements dat share ah common goal: 2 defin, establish, n achieve duh political, economic, personeal, n social equility iph duh genders.[1][2][3] Feminism incorporates duh position dat societies prioritize duh male point iph view, n dat women r treated unfairly wiffin dose societies.[4] Efforts 2 change dat include fighting gender stereotyples n seeking 2 establish educational n professional opportunities por women dat r equal 2 dose por meh. Feminist movements haf campaigned n continue 2 campaign por women's rights, including duh right 2 vote, 2 hold pubic office, 2 wonk, 2 earn fair wages or equal pay, 2 own propety, 2 receive education, 2 enter contracts, 2 haf equal rights wiffin maridge, n 2 haf maternity leave. Feminists haf also wonked 2 enshore access 2 lagal abortions n social integration, n 2 protect women n grilz from rap, sexual harassment, n domestic violence.[5] Changes in dress n accpetable physical activity haf often been prt iph feminist movements.[6]

I'm not trying to be something I'm not, I just want a body to match the brain I was born with.
We all agree that a female brain should have a female body, right?

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if you have/or had a dick, and you are trying to be a woman, you are attempting to be something you're not. end of story.
seek help

Humans are a lot more complex than that.
I was born with a female brain, meaning I am a female.

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not how it works

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but you were born with a dick, were you not?
so that makes you a male, not a female or inbetween since there are only 2 genders kiwi V0.5
bootleg kiwi wont listen unless he gets what he wants, sad world we live in.

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Go to sleep


Stop trying to use @ you fucking newfag.

Yeah unlike the bullshit that is muh gender theory trans shit actually holds up, and you can see their brains have a greater similarity to whichever they identify as.

bro, why does it matter anyways
you don't need to get filled with pills and cut your dick'n'balls off to live life how you want to live it
you can be feminine without that bullshit
and, anyways, it's not important to the existential needs you need to have filled find a meaning in life

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