Why is this board full of immigrants from /lgbt/ and Jow Forums now? Where are all the Jow Forumsilopes?

Why is this board full of immigrants from /lgbt/ and Jow Forums now? Where are all the Jow Forumsilopes?

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we're all here dumbass

thank tumblrinas, twatters, and r/edditors, they are the ones killing Jow Forumsilopes off.

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up in your ass faggot

t. discord nigger

t. seething tumblrina slowjak

im still here hi

go back to your fappy gay discord server namefaggot

too many schizos and gays

Dunno. There's so many dumb bait threads and none of them have slid yet. It's sad.

Jow Forums has been taken
the manchildren and redditors reign uncontested
say goodbye, everyone

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t. seething bootleg ireland faggot

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Beatrice is a tranny

i'll still try to make threads that are against r/edditfags interests and such so dont worry.
also, land without good Jow Forumsers like dukeposter?

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the board is currently a couple shitters fucking around in the belief that this is what fun is
this is mental illness, hide and ignore

those are twitter filenames, go back degenerate discorder

>"hurr durr twitter filenames reeee"
bootleg ireland, nobody really cares right now, so go back to sucking korbo's dick please.

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I want him back

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you say twatters are the ones ruining b*nt and running of the b*ntoids here but you seem to be one of them you degenerate liar, go back to your discord server and twitter meme page and never come back

you don't get an opinion manchild

Beato is a tranny regardless of how you see it retard.
T. Can't even grasp basic concepts of Umineko

My fucking god guys, why can't you ignore flaming faggots? Especially that one proxynigger?

as do i user, it was a much more peaceful place when he was around, shame that he hasn't come back yet.
imagine being this butthurt that you have to go as bootleg ireland to make a point only to stumble.
go back to r/eddit nor/malfag.

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you fucking degenerate and hypocrite, you browse twitter and save images from twitter, you must be a regular user there, and then you come here and say twitter is the one ruining this place while being one of them, i bet you browse reddit as well, if this was a flagless board you wouldn't be saying what you currently are since you have nothing to say, you've been found out faggot, go back you subhuman

a what and a what and a what

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nobody cares bootleg ireland korbo.
the /lgbt/ board, the Jow Forums board, and a combination of Jow Forums and antilope.

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you've got nothing to say have you? you don't, so you resort to pathetic remarks, that only prove even more how much of a hypocrite you are, you've been found out faggot, you'll be a twitter meme page browser forever, and a discord nigger as well, go back you degenerate and slit your throat on the way out

Red truth doesn't apply outside meta world retard

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keep using the same tired insults korbo the bootleg ireland child, someday your mother will love you again.

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stop replying to proxyschizofagmark

its fun to anger him though


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he doesnt feel, youre only making him feel as though this is worth his time

just like the same insults you are? filthy attention whoring hypocrite twitter user, you say twitter ruins this place, but you have the gall to come in here with your twitter filename images filled to the brim with reddit jokes, namefaggoting like a pathetic nigger, slit your throat worthless degenerate

based namefag destroyer

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Oh how I wish
At this point it'd be more accurate to have the imptrash impaling the corpse of bant-tan
Bless you lad

Thanks. Hopefully this latest discord wave gets bored soon.

We never left, we just grew complacent

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People are definitely leaving.

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Correct, but a majority of us are still just complacent and/or cynical Jow Forumsdits

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I've seen my fair share of meta posts from anons trying to make some sort of change to Jow Forums during their final moments on the board, but I've yet to see one that actually addresses the REAL problem that Jow Forums has had since it's founding, that being the "b" in Jow Forums.
I know the ability to post anything you want is one of the biggest appeals of Jow Forums, but just think about it. Both /b/ and /ban/ have been overrun by some of the most carnal posting types imaginable. In /b/, this is porn, and in Jow Forums, it's attention seeking through gay ERP. Why did the board fall so low? Simply because we don't have a topic. When we don't have anything to talk about, well, what the fuck are we supposed to talk about? This worked out to Jow Forums's advantage in the beginning because it was a blank slate for creators to make their mark, but now that everything has stagnated we are feeling the full negative effects of not having a board topic. This effect is accentuated by the fact that Jow Forums despises Jow Forums and Jow Forums. If we're an international board that hates international politics then, again, what the fuck are we supposed to talk about? Having no topic is terrible for both discussion and content. Look at /a/ for example, they have a clearly defined topic, and they have content creators such as scanlators for that topic. Jow Forums has none of that. It's just a mishmash of people with different interests posting a mishmash of different things.
People wonder why there's no more OC on Jow Forums anymore. They wonder why the place has become so stale when you can talk about anything. The reality is, being able to talk about anything, is just another set of words for having nothing to talk about.
Hopefully we can get rid of the b pretty soon and just become /ant/. An ant board would be pretty cool.

I just don't like the latest wave of new people

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Yeah, I guess the current situation is just another case of a vocal minority.
Also, nice Dab id.
That's a good point. When given the chance, filthy animals will always, always return to that same horny feedback loops that ruins everything. At least the mods get off their butts every now and then to keep things rolling. The best threads on Jow Forums still happen on Jow Forums.

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Jow Forums is alive and good
Jow Forums is collapsing
Only autism can same them now