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kick it in the dick

Got more?


that's not you, but this is my wife~

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Korbo stop!

Not every Italian flag is Korbo, muttoid


i'm not a muttoid

Veri ghei ukranian


hmmm... yes?

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Why are you still awake? Go to sleep, it's extremely late and there's nothing entertaining right now.
Also less ghei than you, I'm sure you'd love to see Ritsu dressed like so

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He would look really really cute.
But no.
is not that late and im on holidays, so...
im just watching some vids.
and you are totally ghei, more than me because im totally not ghei heh,

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So what's up? Do you just like to talk with him and would like to boost his confidence so he can live happier and possibly get himself a bf?

idk, maybe, there is not any real deep "calculated" intention behind.

What where you expecting, a wedding?

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A cute relationship, what else?~

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He is from norway, thats non-viable.
These dumb ukranians...

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kick it in the dick

love those stocking very cute OwO

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Why is this thread still up

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why haven't you joined us yet?

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i dont want to be a trap

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then be a traps sugar daddy

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looks like a fat nigger bitch took a shit out her cunt

stop, weirdo.

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you knew the kind of thread you were getting yourself into!

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i like traps but not the lewdposting.

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but traps love being lewded, they also love bepis

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i guess that in private.
Lewdposting is for whores.

based spaign

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go outside