Say hello to the only Jow Forums meme that ever broke out of Jow Forums

Say hello to the only Jow Forums meme that ever broke out of Jow Forums.
This is your legacy, Jow Forumsoids.

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this one is actually older than b*nt

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i saw this years ago though

we made half its fucking edits man

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shhhhh don't let the Jow Forumsoids know they're even more irrelevant than they already are

This meme is now dead.

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wee-oo wee-oo
newfag police coming throguh

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*the only /trash/ meme that ever broke out of Jow Forums without negative effects to it

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I'm not a newfag. Kys

Yes you are
You only showed up here late last year

Doesn't matter. At least I know how to use Jow Forums, dumbass lole

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yonkers....... you're a newfag mate

You say this like it's a bad thing

there is no evidence confirming that, faggot.

yonkers..... in this post you clearly imply you came here last year

I still know how to use Jow Forums though.
Thanks for proving my point.

and you're a newfag

yeah you type in what you want to say, solve the captcha, and click post
it's not hard to do and has nothing to do with being a newfag

Only newfags don't know how to use Jow Forums.
Cool mfs like me know how to use Jow Forums.
Goodbye, romania

yonkers i bet you bought hiroshima's passu

I appreciate the bumps but please stop derailing my epic gamer thread guys

Sure, but what matters is where it grew in popularity and who spread it. The original gif is older than Jow Forums, yet its still a Jow Forums meme because it was just an old gif to everyone else before it found its way here.

>bant meme
there was a whole tread of source finding on this, there is a collection of these images, the earliest I could find was a french gif collection, including the duck and hedgehog.

the bear was popular around here, had all those nice edits, then was stolen by those mowtendoo clones, but was not "ours" other than possibly the edits, but I dare to press x to doubt on that too; I was naïve when I pushed the stolen meme card back then.
Blepe is ours tho.

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bant gey lmao