Killed at Jonestown: 909.
Killed at Waco: 76.
Killed in Heaven’s Gate suicides: 39.
Killed by the Watchtower Society’s no-blood-transfusion policy: about 900 per YEAR (1993 data).
Killed by suicide due to depression / molestation PTSD / disfellowshipping, among Jehovah’s Witnesses: unknown.

FACT: The Watchtower Society is the WORLD’S BIGGEST DEATH CULT.

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go get raped by a brigand of chinks leaf

By the way, some of my relatives are witnesses of Jehovah


Burn in Hell, child rapists. I can hear your bones crackle. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

What about Scientology

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Give them a good bitch slap upside the head for me.

Scatology is another piece-of-shit cult, but hasn’t caused as many deaths as jehovah’s witlesses and their Watchtower Babble and Tricks Society.

>Heaven’s Gate
Those had nothing to do with the Jewhovah Witnesses though. Are you obsessed or something? Also Catholics have far more deaths on their hands than those freaks.

I was comparing number of deaths between other cults and the JEWhovahs.

Ah makes sense. Not going to lie I would have off'd myself if I'd continue going to their shitty cult meetings. Also seriously don't leave out the fucking catholics they aren't even real Christians.

Also, I’m talking about cults, not mainstream religions like Cathodickism, as fucked up as they may be. Cults are different. Or at least more extreme. Extreme manipulation. Extreme mind control. Extreme indoctrination. You would have to be subjected to it to really understand.

So you know what I’m talking about. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of any religion, especially after my upbringing as a brainwashed Watchtower cronie. Of course the Cathodick church is evil, and disgustingly decadent, and disproportionately wealthy. By the way, if you’ve attended JDub meetings, you know how much Old Testament / Jewish propaganda they spread. That’s a whole other discussion.

and why?

So why do people continue to follow Crotchtower? I found that most JDubs are basically low-IQ, socially inept drones, bordering on retarded. Even their “Elders” are mostly glorified window washers and janitors. The cult gives them all the illusion of “belonging”, that is, as long as they strictly adhere to the rules (lots of rules), and submit their time cards (hours spent in the door-to-door preaching) at the end of each month. It’s a slave’s life, yet it’s constantly hammered into their heads that they are the “happiest people in the world”. What a joke. No wonder so many of them are on anti-depressants. But you and I are not supposed to know that. They come to your door all dressed up, smelling nice, with big smiles on their faces. It’s all a facade. It’s the biggest, most fucked-up CULT in the world.
My advice is, if they ever try to convert you, RUN, FORREST, RUN !!!

Waco did nothing wrong

Read my other comments. You might learn something without having to actually experience it.

Koresh was raping kids. But yeah, it was the fucking ATF / FBI that murdered them

Some were also shot by the cult leaders.

>big guberments said koresh was raping kids and shooting cult members

Interesting that tear gas is banned as a weapon of war by the Geneva Convention, but is still used against civilians.

Their meetings really are so BOOORING (and pointless), any sane person would be tempted to blow their own brains out.