I dont even know anymore blog no.1

i dont even know anymore blog no.1
it has been too rough
i wont seek any help because that would ruin my life so badly that even lucifer would be jelly
i was so close to blow my brains out
my gun was loaded but i didnt pull the trigger
i need more booze

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Kill yourself

get cancer and die know your meme filename

most likely

>it has been too rough
oh no.
>i wont seek any help because that would ruin my life so badly that even lucifer would be jelly
>i was so close to blow my brains out
>my gun was loaded but i didnt pull the trigger
>i need more booze
wtf dude why would you drink booze? that's unbased

here in finland if you are adult male and you are going trough some bad shit you become alcoholic and/or kill yourself
my dad does it, my grandpa did it, my friends do it, etc.
it sounds weird but it is normal in here

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i still have my my chilhood pic and important stuff thx to my sister
its under a week when everything got perfect to awful
i only have now my sister
fuck you mothers day

if i was in finland i'd still be the same way i am rn but whatever

Drink more!

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its the culture
its fully normal that adult males get alcoholism and/or they commit suicide if actually bad shit happens
just ask any finnish male ages between 20-80

i can promise that

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its 7am and i had been drinking since 2pm (got "little" nap between 4pm and 7pm)
i think i should go to sleep

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I'm drinking too, so let's drink

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i have been drinking now 14 hours and almost committed suicide
maybe i should go to sleep and drink more later?
and also can you confirm this maybe few more beers

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Ye, I can confrim that. Most people are alcoholic.
Maybe you take a nap and continue later.

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few more beers
no hurt
also what about that suicide part? should we two increase happiness ratings?

Not gonna killmyself yet maybe in few years.

so we both are finnish adult males
alcoholism and suicide
my parents made me do this, what about you?
what are you drinking
i hade some jallu and salmiakki kossu now i have koff spessu (fuck s-mafia)

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Drink more

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I'm just drinking beer today, bought 24 pack of koff (Fuck this 4,4). I'm just lonely and have nothing to look forward to.

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just few beers more
14 hours drinking now!
can you agree with us

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well thats good enough reason
also why the fuck s-mafia did that 4,4 shit?
also do you have a gun? i have tikka T3x wild boar .308 and also proxy licence for shotty

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would you be happy if you left Finland and lived somewhere else?

Sure. I'll start around 6 pm today once I get back from wöök.

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I don't know why but it's some kinda campaign. No i don't have a gun.

one of the worst campaigns ever (even BF4 campaign would beat that) and have you considered getting one? its not that hard

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Are you nyymit going to continue drinking today evening?

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what is stopping you from being happy?

no you don't need more booze stop drinking
i don't care about your suicidal finnish customs i don't want a nice Jow Forumserer to die

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its friday fucker
also i probably will drink at least next few weeks because bad stuff happening in my life

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life and culture

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Ye I know it's not that hard but I don't think i need one.

sorry user I can't do much except give a (you) and a virtual headpat

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Ofc I'm gonna continue drinking when i wake up.

well thats weird
i got mine soon as possible
you are already wake and only 1h and we can get more

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I need to take a nap before i get more.

i think you should get more before you take a nap
under hour, its not that bad

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Maybe you are right. Stores sell beer in less than hour, just gonna wait for that.

like 45min
not that hard

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Still 30 mins