What is this guy? Is he white and is he French? He doesn’t look like your average shitskin. How this happen?

What is this guy? Is he white and is he French? He doesn’t look like your average shitskin. How this happen?

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you arent from USA. i can tell by that garbage you are trying to pass off as English.

He’s obviously white.

I was just lazy . I assure you I am the of the purest European stock

He's Berber.

Someone down the family tree added some Slavic spunk...
He looks like the Soviet Liberator meme.

Seriously when it comes to miscegenation even Nigger genes get rolled over by Slav genes.

He's kabyle, so somewhat white. He ditched Islam, like every kabyle who has the occasion to do so
He's a retarded leftist nonetheless

Zinedine zidane.

Nothig you said is true. Good job.

You know nothing about North Africa.

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So people in allergic looked like that before France invaded? Or is he the result of bleaching

whiter than (You), mutt.
This is all that matters

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Pic related
Hurr durr trolling the racists epic style

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You are obviously american to say this kind of thing.

berber which have no arab blood in some way which did not have been raped by arab.


he was an amazing gift to this world and a great coach, thank you zizou

He looks whiter than me and you Mohammed.

haha what?

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Double Z is the most based non-white Caucasoid ever born. Don't mess with double Z.

He is Zidane

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Why are you calling me by my first name tyrone ?

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> What is North African Berbers being Med. Caucasian like Euros
Fucking retards don't know anything about the history of North Africa, you think the mongrel shitskin mutts that dwell in NA are the same people who lived there for thousands of years?

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Zinedine Zidane is a French football player and coach. He is considered one of the best ever in the history of the game. He is of Kabyle Berber descent. His parents, Smaïl and Malika, emigrated to Paris from the village of Aguemoune in the Berber-speaking region of Kabylie in northern Algeria in 1953 before the start of the Algerian War.

That's actually a great example. The kid looks full arian in color. She just has the wrong shapes for features.

Do you have any Polish + Med? Asking for a friend.

I thought he was always complaining about how racist the French were? U like him just bc of soccer?

I think the kid has some albinism. But features are just as important either way and the kid has full African ones

Wait didn’t the moors conquer Spain at some point, turning them into dark brown mutts? Those ppl look light skinned

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Yeah it looks like something out of the sims, where a kid gets all the traits from one side and all the colors from the other.


Nope, they didn't. Most of the brown color you see in Mexicans comes from the native american population.

maybe because the moors being shitskins is a stupid kike meme to make people think spaniards and portuguese are mutts ?
The Moorish Army was 90% North African Berber and only the captains and generals were Arabs from the Umayyad Caliphate. The Moors actually had a Berber Revolt due to the racism that they experienced at the hands of the Arabs, they kicked out the Arabs and established Al-Andaluz, the Berber population just got racially assimilated to the native Iberian population, and within 2 generations Al-Andaluz was comprised of spaniard muslim converts, it was basically proto-Chechnya, a white muslim state.

North African haplogroup is E, as you can see there isn't much left of that heritage in Spain. Spaniards are predominantly western European. Moorish contribution to Spanish DNA is lower than in France, Portugal or Italy. I'm not sure what historical reason explains this but DNA doesn't lie.

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look at the mtDNA haplo too you tard

Interesting, very interesting.

mtDNA haplogroups tell a similar story.

>U like him just bc of soccer?
Well, it's just not about "soccer" when it comes to ZZ. He is the kind of person that proves that being based, intelligent and successful does not have anyting to do with being a "100%" of any arbitrary combination of genes from certain groups.

Southern france has been a greek colony for 2420 years.

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Berbers are RH- and had the same Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal ancestors as Europeans, they are indigenous to North Africa and are racial kin to Europeans.


Berber mtDNA haplogroup is U6, its presence in the iberian peninsula is more associated with the carthaginian ocupation than anything later than that.

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That's comic book writer Grant Morrison. He's Scottish or Irish, I don't remember.
He's based.

comics are low iq and there has never been a good one