My wife Junko is cute

My wife Junko is cute.

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I prefer Junko from Touhou, but your wife is cute too.

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don't leave your house tomorrow

Hi Andy

She's a 2d image. She'll never love you back

Thanks user.
Hi New Hampshire!

┬ącuckbo thinks his opinion matters

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Just like your goat mom. Additionally, that's a waste of trips.

Yukari don't ruin my fun now!

I'm just saying, don't go after individuals by saying "your wife is not real / she doesn't love you" etc, etc.

Yukari I finally got my coding thing down.

That's fantastic! What code did you establish? What syntax are being used?

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I meant to say I got my game project thing on a backlog but it's all written down.
It's going to be a 4X module game using ASCII.

>4x module game unsing ACSII
Wonderful. Perhaps I shouldn't say how many lines of coding have you did since this is your first time doing Python. I don't know much about ASCII (I should also learn it additionally). Good luck with your coding progress Andy.

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ASCII is just like, using UNIX letters and junk.
Like each letter represents a different piece.

I know what ASCII is, I was saying I should learn it more. Even so encoding letter characters in the English alphabet and Spanish alphabet. The only time I'll learn ASCII is from using ALT + Number pad whenever I'm speaking Spanish.

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For instance: ALT + 0191 = Inverted question mark and ALT + 0161 = Inverted exclamation mark. Basic steps, yet, I need to learn with Spanish accent marks though.

I'm trying to figure out how to implement a tileset using ASCII characters into the game.

Eh, I'm not into game making via Python or ASCII. Wish you the best.

I'm planning on using c++ for the game though ;w;

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