Why aren't you Faggots as Based as Me?

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Oh so putting it on YOUR face is based... cringe

slit your throat nonce

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cuz i never had a dad.

why you bully me?

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ghost dad

This is psychology. Science. I'm trying to overstand

Because being based takes work. And I can't really seem to do that shit, yo.

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You’re even more based than pinkyblong


Unironically Based

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a legend

Its hurts that I may have to bumpcult this


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nobody can be as based as you, sir pinkybong, heir to the queen's throne

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shut the fuck up


I'm not British, that's why.

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Shameful Bamp cos I give no fucks

reminder that this nonce forces certain underages from this board to anally fuck him

Another jealous faggot detected haha

why would i be jealous of an acoustic submissive child rapist?

Acknowledge your patrons or die a peasant

Your very post shows you are obviously jealous.

You hate the fact you can't become a respected NameFag, so try and ridicule NameFags.


you're so based, you get to sit in the front
ralsei is a bit stinky so he goes in the back

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Can I have a ride in the bantmobile

ye ye, hop in
bruuuuuuuum bruuuuum

you mean be jealous of the thought i can never be a pimp of young boys?

You wouldn't even get in the trunk

idk if we can fit him in the trunk, that's where we're keeping ralsei's '''''clean''''' nappies

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Good plan haha

>You wouldn't even get in the trunk
is that really what namefaggots do?

very devilish of you, pinky

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I am what I am

Don't be mad kind Sir.

brown nosed

>Who also loves Gabba

Don't be trying to short changing me DutchNig



*shoves the dutchman in the trunk*
righty ho lads, next stop austrailia

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So guys we did it




this tbdesu in all honesty



Based Bump