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HRMMMMMMMMMMM, I hope some cutie bois come into this thread so I can teach them how to ""love"", ehehe, murrrrr :3

I'm not going to bother listening because I already know it's trash list to some real music norime

Fuqboi sucks, and I'm not going to listen to his music.

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>electric wizard
Way to conform normie shit.

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New sum 41 album coming out soon. Just saying.

>electric wizard
>norime shit
your taste in music is trash I bet you don't even listen to ghostemane

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"he's tall and fit" REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

New AvA album. Pop punk is coming back.
Your bands are obscure garbage. The bass player of +44 is 10x as successful as any whole band (you) probably listen to.
Don't be a fuqboi.

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And new blink. Plus new found glory is always around.
I really enjoyed that band. I wish mark would do some more in that style.

ghostemane is actually getting pretty popular
>The bass player of +44 is 10x as successful as any whole band
rich in money poor in talent
>you listen to
literally who
and btw pop punk is gay as fuck and it isn't coming back

Literally who.
>doom metal
>rap metal
>poor in talent
>was able to make 3 bands multiple albums got a band to the top of the charts multiple times solidifying them as an American icon recognized throughout the world and is still putting out music
>worse than some flavor of the month six nine looking hardcore faggot wannabe
>pop punk is gay
Said space Gayboy.
>it isn't coming back
It looks like our two pop punk powerhouse bands are putting out....
3 pop punk pillar bands are putting out albums for 2019 and touring.
Looks like you're wrong as shit cowboy. Bad luck.

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>literally how
his song Mercury got over 100 million views on YouTube he is getting pretty popular
>some mainstream corporate whore pop faggot
>better than some who had to make his way through the underground with nothing but his talent
>it's coming back
>he says as he post bands that make me say literally who

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I knew it was a Normie thread just from reading the OP without even looking for a namefag.

>is song Mercury got over 100 million views
>223 million views
>144 million views
>268 million
>129 million
>327 million
>175 million
But you say.
>posts bands that make me say literally who
Because you LITERALLY have OBJECTIVELY SHIT taste.
>better than some who had to make his way through the underground with nothing but his talent
You mean like every punk band ever?
You really think he's not just another 1 hit wonder? Laughable.
My bands are icons and timeless.
>through the underground
>while still being so obscure he's underground
>that song when

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imagine thinking that popularity = quality

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How could you tell?
imagine denying well known musical icons

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keep thinking that deadpacito is a good song.
i'll keep listening to real music.

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Blink-182 has been around for at least my whole life and has made music consistently throughout the years.
There are many other bands that became cultural icons.
>posts metal
>metal is the only acceptable music
>everything else is shit
You're literally this guy.

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>hey look at my music and how much better it is
I am allowed to judge your music taste because it's so insufferably awful

>"reeee he thinks metal is good!!!!!!!11"
>posts shit music
oh, and also, most cultural icons today are either electronic retards or r/a(utist)ppers.
only other thing is chinkpop.
you are r/eddit tier autism.

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>most cultural icons today
Keyword there champ. Icons like Hendrix, Nirvana and Pantera aren't going anywhere. They'll always have new people coming into the scene to keep that respective sound around. Others will stand on the shoulders of those giants to evolve the genre.
This is what makes bands more than one hit wonders and turns them into cultural icons. Much like The Beatles bands like Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance are recognized by so many people that its become mainstream to say you enjoy Greenday and Taking Back Sunday.
Todays artists aren't icons. They won't stand the test of time like AFI or Fall Out Boy.
Your argument is shit and trying to use reddit as your go to insult is played out.
Pop punk is making a comeback.

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nirvana died.
havent heard of pantera
and literally who?
keep trying to say shitty boybands are good r/edditor.
this is you:

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>pop punk is making a comeback
uh oh retard alert

>nirvana died
>havent heard of pantera
(you) are culturally retarded and have to right to tell anyone anything about what music is what.
>pop punk bands are boy bands
Please please kill yourself and never speak of music again.

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try removing the list url next time dolt

>you, an unbased punk/metal basedboy
>me, a cultured prog/jazz enthusiast

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based but next time dont forget to sage

>"hurr durr you dont like normie content you are a retard hurr durr"
no, i just have actual taste.
>"kill yourself because you think shitty boybands are shitty boybands"
please just take a few cyanide tablets.
i found a video that you star in.

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Incorrect. Metal sucks fucking dick and I've been bashing on it this whole time.
Prog what faggot?
Prog rock?
Prog jazz?
Prog synth?
You're such a fucking fake wannabe faggot.

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prog is obviously prog rock
have a lil fun baka
also rush is now best boys

>prog is obviously prog rock
No it's really not. Hipster faggots listen to a lot of different prog shit. I know a dude who makes prog synth future folk. It sounds retarded and it is.
Don't try to claim you have refined taste if you've never even hear of some of the most common icons.
That's like saying you know what dolphin meat tastes like because you've had dolphin safe tuna.

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I have heard the most common icons
by far I've never done deep dives into prog though, I admit I'm a bit of a tourist
and prog has always meant rock to me
at least you don't have to be so uppity about it

although oddly I haven't listened to england by the pound or the yes album yet which I probably should get to

>by far I've never done deep dives into prog though, I admit I'm a bit of a tourist
You should. There's a lot of experimentalism with prog but it's just not my scene but you might enjoy it. Some prog house (electro) is alright if you want to chill out and just read a book or watch the rain.
>at least you don't have to be so uppity about it
Y-you started it b-by calling me a metal basedboy baka!

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ok I admit I was a bit shitposty
and does arch echo count? that's more math rock though
and they've gained alot of popularity recently I wanna say

I didn't know who Arch Echo was so I looked up Color Wheel and they seem just like a dedicated prog rock synth band. They include that synth sound but they'd be predominantly prog rock I guess. Since there's no lyrics it's like their whole song is just one long ass solo.
Definitely a dope sound though very cool.
AvA had a very future synth pop punk sound I thought was pretty neat during Dream Walker and Chasing shadows.

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That one time...
Supposedly it was Ronnah Marsh that messaged me on FB.
I think it was that creature Chirs Chan that showed up
In the car she (he?) said, "You don't like Avril Lavigne probably, huh?"
He sure was right about that!

How did Stephanie Franks' get fucked up a while back? She was probably covering for Joe, I reckon. I guess I'll uncover her cover-up when I uncover her her face from the flesh over the top of it, or the flesh over the face of her daughter Amber, and he has made such a point of telling me how tall I am I will make a great point of showing her how shot she is, you costume cunt white trash fucking bitch, go Elite Realtor of Middle Georgia that up your ass you fucking elite white trash bitch. I think it was Amber near the park when I got kicked out of the Red Cross building, and it was Amber who said to me, "So... you like sausages?' Sorry Uncle T, I like you but things are looking real bad for your family.

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hip dipper is another great song
I think, their best
also rush when
listen to yyz if you haven't
incredible song

>Uncle T
Yeah next time you see that guy you can tell him, "Thanks for putting my family in that position, buddy. Thanks a lot."

>that guy
That guy is this guy if I'm not mistaken.
When you thank him you ought to ask him what he's so smug about. Maybe next time he's wants you to fuck him in his ass you can say, "I think you already fucked me in the ass enough."

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