Me and my gf

Me and my gf

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Degeneracy alert

imagine fucking a horse, you sad man.
that is basically what your gf is, a sad old horse.

horses are hotter than humans. fuck you

found the barneyfag.

i dont want colorful faggot cartoons. i want strong mare pussy

sure you dont.

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thanks for believing me :)

>"sure you dont"
>"thanks for believing me user"
you have to be a special kind of autist to not see the irony.

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i didn't say user
stop lying

as expected of a brazilian

dont care barneyfag

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i wanna fuck that plant

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i wasn't joking. i want a blowjob from it
look at those sexy fuckng lips

yep, you have autism.


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my wife is way better, pic related is what i made in spore to balance out the cringeworthy "memes"

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s t o p

one more

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amazing image can i save it?

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yes you can good sir.

Based as fuck

me and my gf

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what do you think the average age of this thread is? definitely not over 18.

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post a webm of cumming in her next time dolt

>fucking a literal monkey
miss me with that gay shit