I'm back from Italy

I'm back from Italy

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wud u do

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Killed the pope

I wonder if anyone accidently was Front from Italy?!

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good, fucking anglo nigger kike

Catholics probably pray towards itally because of their degenerate penises

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Very funny
Did you enjoy your stay

It was alright but America is better.

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About 10billion times better

You take that back this very instant

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did you have lots of good pizza and pasta

Korbo didn't get you, did he? Actually, we need to quarentine you, no matter what. Can't be letting you bring their yuropoor gayposting ways back with you and infecting us.

No, the food in Americans is better because there is more diversity in what you can buy. Most restaurants in Italy server the exact same shit. Also Americans aren't complete dicks when they drive . Whereas the Italian roads are complete anarchy , it's like dogs are driving your cars or something.
Yes but that was all they served.


was it good pasta and pizza?

Yes but I don't want the same shit every day

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No I believe in freedom

The driving part i have to agrer with you, evetyone does fuck all and breaks every possible rule at the same time while not letting pedestrians cross
You can't be serious about the food though come on, when i went vising my grandparents a few years ago we had nothing but hamburgers, steaks and ribs

It looked gorgeous where I was at though

I visited random restaurants every time and never found anything except for pizza and pasta . Maybe it was just the place I was staying at. Also why do you have so many stray dogs. Like get a doggy death camp like we have in America

Your grandparents are murrican? If they are, then you'd be eligable for american citizenship, and could live in 'murrica too!

I already have dual citizenship, i'm a reverse mutt that was born here
While it is true that we have a lot of variety when it comes to pizza and pasta, why didn't you try out meat too

that is true you will get fat from eating like that too much

I did try meat too. I liked it pretty good. It needed more seasoning though


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