Take Down the Fortress #2

Let's take down the fortress, Jow Forums.

Fortress HP: 100


>0 - Get killed by an archer. (Can no longer reroll after this)
>1 - Yell profanities at the fortress. (1 Damage)
>2 - Fight against a guard. (Has 5 HP. Kills you if you don't kill him after 5 rolls. You can't reroll after he kills you.)
>3 - Slash the fortress wall. (3 Damage)
>4 - Adds 10 HP to the fortress.
>5 - Try to break the door down with a log. (5 Damage)
>6 - Releases two big dicked traps, raping you and an user that rolled before you to death. (Unable to reroll. If your roll was the first roll, only you get raped.)
>7 - Get shield. (Protects you against one archer attack.)
>8 - Get a boulder thrown at you, smashing you into tiny pieces. (Unable to reroll and get revived.)
>9 - Burst through the wall with a tank. (10 Damage)
>Dubs - Revive an user of your liking by giving them a (You).
>Trips - A dragon in the fortress wakes up and kills everyone, causing a game over.

Good luck!

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First roll

You yell out profanities at the fort, dealing 1 damage. Fortress HP: 99.

this thread looks fucking dangerous

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You got: Shield. The next archer that hits you is unable to kill you.

I am safe?

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Nope. The boulder crushed you. The shield was too weak to handle it's weight, so you died. The shield only protects you from archers. Yer dead meat, user.


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Well, shit. Tough luck, user.

bros... I don't feel very good..

luckily kot have 9 lives

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You've dealt 5 damage to the fortress. Current HP: 94.

rolly loli

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roll again

Okay, maybe I've made the boulder attack too overpowered...

A guard appears and attacks you!

Guard rolls:

>0, 1, 2, 3 - Miss
>4, 5, 6 - 1 Damage
>7, 8 - 2 Damage
>9 - 3 Damage
>Dubs - Instakill

oh no

6 get

You've dealt one damage to the guard. 4HP left. 4 turns left. You can do it, user.

You get: Shield. Archers can't hurt you now.

roll once more

You deal another point of damage to the guard. 3 HP left. 3 turns left.

roll for 9

You miss. 2 turns left. You almost got a dub last time...

roll again

Miss. One turn left. If you could roll a 9 or a dub, you'll be saved.

serb bro is back!

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rolling for dubs

You are now able to revive an user of your choice.
Tough luck. In the last of his power, the guard slices your throat, killing you instantly.

Welcome to the underworld

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i save my australian friend
i roll!

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New rule about the boulder. When it gets thrown, it rolls down. Roll a 6 or higher to avoid it. All of the other anons have been made revivable to remove the unfairness.

Aussie bro revived. A guard attacks you!

Guard rolls:

>0, 1, 2, 3 - Miss
>4, 5, 6 - 1 Damage
>7, 8 - 2 Damage
>9 - 3 Damage
>Dubs - Instakill


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surely the guard will perish.

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Two traps appear out of nowhere and attempt to rape you and the american user that participated in the first game. The guard gets raped as well.

I'm gonna make it easy for you. Roll a 6 or higher to get away from the traps.
The guard was instakilled. Congrats, user.


You get a shield. You can defend yourself from archers now.

big roll!

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You free yourself from the trap. The second time won't be so lucky.



You deal 10 damage to the fortress. Good job user. HP left: 84

Dubs, you're free to revive another user.

big time roll again!

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i die a warriors death

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You swear at the god forsaken fortress, dealing 1 damage. HP left: 83.

ty brate


You got another shield. You can hand it to another user.
You're still alive.


i forgot the new rules. my bad.

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You deal 10 damage to the fortress. Congrats! HP left: 73



roll again,i give the shield to purple american user

You deal 10 damage as well! HP left: 63. You can revive someone too.
It's fine. Happens to the best of us.
Dubs. You can revive a fellow user.
You hand the shield to the ameribro and deal 5 damage to the fort. HP left: 58

Plus, you deal 3 damage. HP left: 55.

oh right i thoguht i got raped
well im reviving this guy then

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thank you serb bro, i take this generous gift.
fat rolls!

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So i’m back? Thank you.

You got revived by Also. Thanks to Swedish user, the castle got repaired. HP left: 65.
You can now revive an user of your choice. You guys are getting quite lucky with dubs now.
You deal 3 damage to the fort. HP left: 62.
You deal 5 damage. HP left: 57.
A boulder is thrown. Everyone roll a 6 or higher to avoid it.


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I'm not counting this one since I just now posted the boulder warning.

You rolled a 3. Double shit.

Rolling for six

Ok roll

Oh no... it's trips. You know what that means. Tough luck anons. The dragon toasted everyone. Including the boulder. Better luck next time. I'll make the boulder attack less OP I swear.


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aiiieee :,( next time!

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press F

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We'll get them next time, user

Definitely made the game harder now, haven't I?


yus you did
its a real challenge now.

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Mate. The game is already over. You'd be dead anyway even if it wasn't.

i summon BOSNIAN SPOOKY KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!