Its Friday night, Jow Forums. What are you drinking?

Its Friday night, Jow Forums. What are you drinking?

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the blood of my rivals
also OIL id

Go for wine instead, blood is too damn rich on iron


Busch beer paired with some dank weed.

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wine is hedonistic



that is definitely a combination to get good and hammered my man

oh wait nevermind I thought you meant bush beer

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I certainly know how to tie one on, lol.

"Wine is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" (c) someone
That sounds awfully fun, mate!
Also nice, stay hydrated
What kind of whiskey?

compot juice
Damn I'm getting diabetes early

the cheap kind, label 5
I'm just a student I don't have the money to be sophisticated

Busch: because you don't want to have to pay out the ass for a light beer.

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"O thou invisible spirit of wine, if thou hast no name to be known by, let us call thee devil! "
- me

I am not that much of an expert on whiskey either, used to drink terrible ones like red label
You mean kompot? If so, based, but yeah, it has tons of sugar

Okay yeah that makes quite a bit of a difference. Actual Bush beer is 12 degrees, kicks like a goddamn mule. Couple that with some quality weed and you're up for an evening of blurred memories

I'm going to have to try that someday, I've added that to my list.

Sometimes a little bit of devil in your life isn't that bad. Or maybe a bottle or two.

"Wine in excess is a snare for the fool; it lessens strength and multiplies wounds. "
-also me

Well we don't really use K in romanian, it's just a fancy borrowed letter.
Anyway, yeah it's that. Fruit, water and plenty of sugar.

"The wine-cup is the little silver well, Where truth, if truth there be, doth dwell." - not me
I just thought maybe you meant something else. Kompot is awesome, haven't had one in a decade or so though, unfortunately.

Someone once told me that a man really gets to know himself once he spends an evening alone, with no distractions around, no music, computer or tv, just him and his drink

That is a nice thought. I will remember it.

Either a nice thought or an extremely irresponsible one
Either way it stuck with me at the time

I suppose drinking is irresponsible in general. But always living rationally sounds a bit boring to me.

Me, but I'm addicted to YouTube. Maybe I should try that.

Eh. I have high doubts anyone lives completely rationally. And the people who feel the need to tell the world they do usually seem to be deluding themselves
Me I've always been fascinated with how thought patterns change under the influence of stuff, the brain is a delightfully interesting mess of evolution
It's really hard to turn off everything sometimes. Comes with the modern age I suppose

Completely rationally? Maybe not. But I've met a couple of people that believe in rationality to the point they denounce everything that somehow falls apart from it. I, for one, believe irrational thinking (and acting) is the pinnacle of humanity. Its the thing that makes us deviate from the common logical pattern and takes the person somewhere beyond.

Checked and this. I'm pretty sure overstimulation is the leading cause of autism. Wether gameboys in the 90's or smartphones now, were constantly assaulted with foreign ideas and stimuli. I can only imagine the affect it's having on the youths today.

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Well, that's definitely an interesting way of looking at it to be sure
I probably wouldn't be able to live that way even if a part of me wants to

I certainly don't advocate acting irrational all the time (although it would probably be quite a lot of fun). Yet having even a bit of irrationality in the world opens the door to almost endless possibilities.


Autism is gay. I'm starting to get convinced it's just a name psychs have given to something they haven't even begun to understand yet. And yeah that shit definitely has an effect on everyone, I can feel the effect it has on myself every day and I don't even do the whole facebook/instashit/whatsap thing. I'm so fucking glad I never bought myself a smartphone

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No it isn't .

I have no social media but do have a smart phone

My brother has type one diabetes

I know the point you're making man. It is possible to own a smart phone and be a functional human being, I get it. What I'm saying is it's not possible for me personally. I'm aware of my own limitations and I would succumb to the timewasting a smart phone allows you to do

I have my best ideas while in the bath

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A 0.7 liter bottle of Bushmills "whiskey" is open, 40 vol% drink.
A big glass of that and a big mug of hot black coffee right beside it for sipping from both of those.

The pic related is the best drink from Bushmills in my honest opinion.

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I think that you need both to be effective . You need creativity to have an idea and then you need to think about it rationally to find if it is good

irrational thought does not equal creativity
although they're probably somewhat related
also are you wasted

I'm drinking tea.

If a Finn recommends it, I just have to give it a go sometimes.
You are right, absolute thinking is never a good thing. One has to find a balance between Yin and Yang. I am just strongly apposed to making rationality the single driving force behind a human being.


Bretty much. Same with feeling that everyone's too absorbed into it.
Jow Forums is social media.

No. I don't drink at all.
Rationality is our most important forceI know

Or attribute not force

What the fuck is this symbol I saw on her book I remember it from somewhere

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A cup of water, it´s nice to say hydrated.

cedevita z okusom limete

>Rationality is our most important force
Oh well, guess we will just have to disagree on this one

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Also why does it slightly change color on the gif

>ook/instashit/whatsap thing. I'm so fucking glad I never bought myself a smartphone
Man. Autism is a genetic disease as far we know. Autistic kids use those methods of entertainment cuz it isn´t as intense as real life social interaction.

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This is autism forum.

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actually autism is partially genetic and it also can be caused by prenatal factors


Sweet tea for now. Maybe alcohol later.

ive never heard of anyone drinking that before. Is it popular there?


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seems /b/‘s attention whores are migrating here too, ohnonono


root beer
>he isnt in 2021

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who quote

The source-code for futuba that Moot used, being held in an ancient website, irc

your mom

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>he isn’t in the fucking artic freezing to death

I thought you were the eskimo, sorry

oh yeah . I remember looking at the code for that.

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lol oops

.net dummy

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actually it is not .net

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cats are lactose intolerant do not feed them cheese

feed them a healthy diet of potato

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I just drank some grog. Rum is surprisingly tasty when it's diluted.

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it tastes like rumanian empire

Oh shit what are the odds, I didn't even see that post.

Don't really know what a Madoka dubstep AMV has to do with my post but okay.

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ogod fucking damnit yuis is suinging in my fucking ear again . holy mother fucking shit if you want to tourture pows then just make them fill in recaptcha

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what yhef uvk i dint roember posting this

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god fuck karens pee ass

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You good there m8

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aloe vera juice


nah it's not popular, most people here apparently don't even know what it is when I bring it up

its saturday morning and I just came home and best thing I can think of is shitting up the board