The US landed a man on the moon

The US landed a man on the moon
Yes or No?

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They want you to think the earth is round because that would mean there are limited resources. The earth is flat and there is unlimited resources, over the arctic wall is another society that wants us to get rid of nukes and fight over the limited land so only the strongest society whose consciousness is open enough to transcend good and evil comes out on top to join the ice wall society.


Admiral Byrd, Antarctic Treaty, Nazi bases in Antarctictica, fucked up flight paths, Navy missile lasers staying level on water for over 100 miles, NASA fakery.

The sun and Moon are exactly the same size. Tides do not correspond to any model of gravity currently on the table. We only ever see one face of the moon. THERE IS NO SOUTHERN POLE STAR. THE STARS SWEEP ACROSS THE SKY. GOD IS REAL AND THE EARTH IS FLAT!!! SPREAD LOVE!!
>At some point in the future we're gonna look back and say "how did we do it WITHOUT SPACE"
"What an amazing cheat... thing you've done" Trump says to the Satanic NASA propagandist at approximately 17:50

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They landed a moon on a man

Big doubt.

Yes. ( ( ( s i x ) ) ) times in fact


yeah, but 4 years after they said they did

They landed on pinewood

Stereoscopic analysis of the paralax effect indicates that the mountains in the background are MUCH closer than they should be, supporting the theory that the pictures were taken in a studio and not on the surface of the moon. There seems to be fuckery afoot.

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humans can't go to the moon

these gifs are from

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Yes goy, NASA said we went to the moon and it we have footage so it must be real


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of course not the moon rocks would murder them

As an ignorant retard with only a high school education I am inclined to say “no”

6 fakes.

Nah pure propaganda to put down the soviet union.

>People still believe in "space"

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I dont fucking know stop following me

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>racism bad
Just kill yourself

Believers, refute this?

There are literally only two reasons normies still believe in the fake Apollo moon landings
i) The government wouldn't lie to us
ii) Too many people had to have been in on it, they couldn't have pulled it off and not leaked anything

Both arguments are easily proven false

i) The government lies ALL THE TIME, just see 9/11 and "Saddam WMDs". They are lying to you now about Iran attacking ships in the gulf.
ii) Only a handful a the top were in on it and most of them were freemasons so keeping a secret isn't a big deal. NASA = freemasons

This doesn't matter when whites (the only race that even cared to consider visiting the moon) are facing extinction by the eternal jew.
Stop going down these boomer rabbit holes. It doesn't matter if men landed on the moon or not. It doesn't matter if the earth is flat or not. It's doesn't matter if there were ancient civilizations before the Egyptians.
It's all designed to draw your attention away from the present conspiracies. The ones designed to kill our people and enslave the entire planet to their Jewish-Marxist dystopia.

Spend your energy unraveling conspiracies that could actually undermine and destroy the world order of Jewish Marxist elites.
9-11, pizzagate, the global banking system, etc.
Proving man didn't land on the moon will not wake the people of the world to the existential dangers of these demonic and evil people.

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i want a context behind this webm

if you prove to me that they sold it as "real moon footage" I'll go and commit a serial knife attack in the street rn

USA existing without the Soviet Union is kinda like PlayStation existing without Xbox. Most people are just kinda weirded out by it. And that's been the case for like 30 years.

That is official NASA footage of the Apollo 17 lunar module launch. RIP to the cameraman.

Explain what's wrong with this footage

>RIP to the cameraman.
It was a camera programmed to pan upwards in sync with the launch of the module. No cameraman necessary.

No the ayy made a false flag we landed on the moon to get the space UN to finance more uplifting program. But they spent the energy credits on drug and shiet.

Who filmed it?
Where does the engine thrust come from?
Why are there no massive dust clouds?
Why can you see bright flashes indicating wires? (View slow motion)
Why does it look so fucking fake?
Why are there no stars or images of the earth?
Would it be easy or hard to film this footage on earth?

It's pulled up by wires, user. When you see it... you will laugh.


The COPE is incredible lol. It's like finding out Santa Claus doesn't exist, I know.

Popular conspiracy theory: Man never on Moon
Actual conspiracy: The Moon itself.

Yes. Memeflagging faggot

All fields

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I believe in it, but who knows everyone says no but I think otherwise.

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Finally someone with some sense. Ever wonder why you never see the backside of the moon? That's because it's a 2d image projected on the night sky. There's literally only one side.

Sorry bro it didn't happen. Jow Forums is always right and I have spend many hours researching it. I used to believe too, so I know those feels.

Reddit tier post, I wish I could give you an upvote

I worked for NASA 37 years during the Apollo programs and we went to the moon on more than one occasion.

Before I humour you any further, I just want to know your answer to this question; What shape is the earth?


Yes, it would have actually been harder to fake desu

Okay now come on this is just ridiculous

Never happened, and you are a retard or a shill if you look into and come to the conclusion that it happened multiple times.

I'm not even a non believer but that is one of the worst argument ever.

No. The astroNOTs just went around low earth orbit. Mission controls computers were programmed to spit out data that corresponded with what a trip to the moon would have produced. Nowadays astronauts get paid to sit in front of green screens. Astronauts get the rope.

Do you really want me to get into why?

Good goy. You bought into (((their))) propaganda. Anyone who doesn't believe in the government and media lies is a "conspiracy theorist" and is a flat-earther.

The earth is round the Apollo manned moon landings didn't happen. I'm right on both counts, how many are you right on?

Based. Only brainlets believe that. Moon landing was as fake as everything Nasa has shown

Yes, and then aliens told them to GTFO.

Why would they bother making fuckhuge rockets that held enough fuel to travel to the moon and back, and not actually use that fuel and technology aboard the rockets to actually go to the moon and back?

No, but how about just in the simplest mathematical sense, it would be as hard as faking it but not harder? As in ≦

>NASA lands on the moon
>50yrs later still no 3rd party PROOF.

The Chang'e 3 pictures would be nice of the Apollo sites. China never released them. Plenty of 'evidence', suggesting that they might have pulled it off, but short of independent proof. Also the official footage 'looks' fake and there are very dubious anomalies. Wet flags, flags flapping without being touched when walked past.

I think there's things they aren't telling the world.
>Karl Wolfe saw an image of a moon base in 1965.
>Wiki leaks cable saying US moon base was destroyed in '79

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The problem is that so many of you people have been brainwashed to think that humanity isn't capable. All the lies tie together; humans can't actually achieve anything real, humans are just weak animals that can speak, everything that ever happens cannot be understood by the layman, and technology can't actually achieve the incredible and change your lives for the better.

It's all part of the process that demoralizes the population, makes humans inert and harmless, and steals away any improvements for the future. The way you doubt the moon landings- it's a symptom of this demoralization.

If you were to cast off this demoralization and you see the truth, from the glorious age of sail to trains to airplanes to manipulation of the atom to landing on the moon, the powers of hard work and industry and big brain thinking, what would you all become? The whole world would seem God's gift, limitless possibilities.


>The US landed a man on the moon
>Yes or No?

NO. The US landed TWELVE men on the moon.

Yes but the footage is fake


How many did they land in Uranus?

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Yes, I know it sounds odd on the outset, but it really would've been harder.
Let's say they faked it, according to all the known laws of physics nothing that they did in research, preparation, the contracting, or building the vehicles is unrealistic, all of it is unequivocally proven to be both possible but also reasonable. Unlike the soviets, the US was a bit more cautious about our testing and pilot safety. With provable results from the ground tests at least.
If we really were to have faked it, should we have put more effort into safety testing than our competitors? Wouldn't it have made sense to put in the same amount of safety testing and spend far less budget than we did?
But that doesn't support what I said, but you see the point.
Now what does support it is the fact that errors occurred. Some of them people could tell would happen and some just bizarre (like in Apollo 10, the crew reported some feces that had escaped the "waste disposal" and was free to float about the cabin) It was never mentioned on the news at the time, rarely ever after, but it was recorded in the very very long flight transcript that was never meant to be reread

>I worked for NASA 37 years during the Apollo programs

What are you a septuagint shit poster?
70+ years old??

Did they have enough fuel?
Von Braun original calculations stated ~30,000% more fuel was need to get to the moon, than what was used. Was he really shit at calculus?

JFK promised in 1962 to send humans to the moon "before the end of the decade". It became apparent that this was impossible due to the Van Allen belt radiation and inadequate technology, so they decided to "fake it or make it". The US taxpayer had already paid $40 billion on the Apollo programme and NASA decided they had to fake it. By doing so they won the Cold War propaganda war.

NASA were legitimately trying to get to the moon at first and had spend lots of money and time on test missions on earth, but encountering big problems. Many of these rehearsals were filmed. To film an operation on earth and pass it off as a real mission to the moon was such a "giant leap".

Fun fact to put things into perspective: the ISS is 200 miles away and circles earth's orbit. The moon is 250,000 miles away in space and requires passing through the deadly Van Allen belt.

You're referencing a time when Von Braun thought that Nitric Acid and Hypergolics were the best fuel. also the giant array of poorly powered engines that was his original plan was easily revised with the tech that was developed during the time. Remember he came up with those plans as a personal pet project 10-15 years before the mission. And engine technology moved fast back then

How did Nixon make a phone call to the moon though? There are no phones lines on the moon.


this man says the truth. It was moon race. They took effort to really land on moon after the announcement "we landed on the moon". Firstly they falsified landing on the moon to win the race, and then they really landed on the moon as fast as they could to proof that they could so no one will question them.

The phone would dial into a phone at some facility with a Radio Antenna, and the audio was just going through the radio frequency they were using

>why would they build rockets?
I don't know it wasn't like there was a Cold War going on or anything


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Just so you know lads, I used to believe in the moon landings until recently. It's only been in the last year I found out they were faked after doing research on it.

Hard pill to swallow, yes. But I have spent many hours watching documentaries, reading and questioning it. There is no doubt they were faked.

Watch and you should start having doubts in your mind. The more you research it the more obvious it becomes that it was faked. You will soon be laughing at the official NASA footage.

>And engine technology moved fast back then
Yes significantly.
>~30,000% difference
There's not much else, that's improved by that gigantuan standard of efficiency. I'm not a rocket scientist, so I'll have to take them at their word. Even though, it's sounds bunk.

That's cool if you really are 70+.
Any advice for life?
I'm in a rut right now, not of my making; I need herculean ability to overcome it.

Exactly, and that's partially what made it within reason to spend that much.
Relative to the total budget, we spent a lot more on defense projects than we do now.
Now we spend more on gibs programs

I don’t believe the moon is what NASA says it is.

Things don't have to be TRUE, to be inspiring
To me, I don't accept the manned moon landings as 'true'.
But I do find the story inspiring -that's why propaganda works!

>moon flag
I believe this guy.

The first guy on the moon.

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daily reminder that tripods exist

So, the camp dramas took a tripod with him.


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It was faked.
everything the US has done was.
pretty simple.

they faked it
but they faked it on-site

nobody is reading your autistic crap, faggot

you just believe something you read somewhere, not your results. but we are not as stupid as you so we won't fall for it, faggot.

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Nazi shill

bullshit science, means nothing

the moon's gonna land on the U.S. soon

these fucks will never yield to actual science. they can't even post this nonsense in the proper /sci/ board. although is really should go in the paranormal board with the other bullshit fake science idiots.

I bet your pre - teen ass thinks these are real, too.....

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Nazi shill

Alien shill

good answer

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the astronauts actually landed on mars wearing red space suits and NASA color corrected the photographs afterwards

They also color corrected all the scientists to be white when they were actually black

US to go to the moon for the second first time!

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the people saying the moon landing is fake are the same people who say trump colluded with Russians and "stole" us elections. a bunch of sore losers.

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the US rolled an obese lump of fat onto the moon

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The moon is white men only