Did Jow Forums make you more of less racist?

Did Jow Forums make you more of less racist?

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i never hated or loved anyone for their race.
But i do believe that darker skinned people shouldnt be allowed to come into europe.

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>/board/ made me

you have no idea how many autists infested this board, even if you have you are still underestimating it

it made me hate blacks and asians as much as whites

this, and homophobic on top of that

but you guys are like 80% euro

and animephobic

Jow Forums made me more of a lefty
Jow Forums made me appreciate Europe even more

But in general it's not a good idea to let Jow Forums inform your view of the world too much, the people who post here aren't representative of their respective communities.

everyone here acts like total spastic runts regardless of race

pretty much more. people here are so mean

I feel like I'm literally turning into pic related
I should never be allowed into any form of government power position

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I make racist jokes a lot so my mom thinks I’m racist even though I never cared about skin colour on an individual level

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In 2011 it made me more racist
Since 2014 it made me less racist

>I should never be allowed into any form of government power position


I never hated any race but it did make me realize some races are worth more than others. I'm more of a race realist now.

pretty much, but animeposters are almost always fags

More racist, but towards wh*tes

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I'm more racist now.

more racist

now i want more refugees into europe.

Jow Forums makes you gay. Cocks...

Fuck wh*te pigs, fuck the west, fuck NATO.

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>I'm more of a race realist now.

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I sure as fuck hate Australia solely because of Jow Forums.

I was never racist to begin with. Except towards sl*vs.

This, mate. I really get happier when i see that they're being dominated by muslims

SATISFAÇÃO, he forgot he wasn't behind a screen to mock non-whites, lel

it's all so tiresome

Jow Forums just gave me some keks. I still hate darkie.

I thought that Germans are nice people and I shouldn't judge them by their ancestors crimes
But now I hate them even more

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Like everything sociopolitical and historical I've been exposed to in the last few years, more. Not out of personal animosity, more being resigned to the fact that humankind is nothing more than a cannibal that devours itself, and that the guilt of being the devourer is still nothing compared to the horror of being the devoured.


Jow Forums made me hate everyone, honestly.

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you're not wh*te though

I was never racist in the first place.
95% of the shit i say here doesn't reflect what I actually believe in person.

save it, Space USA

coal belongs in the fire
waiting for someone to put you in your place?

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>I was never racist to begin with. Except towards sl*vs.

That's not racism, slavs aren't people.

dios mio...

that's not racism though, German isn't a race

I don't understand /his/ memes but shouldn't the guy on the right be a priest?

Actually I was racist before but it was just natural, now that I've got an history degree (for real, not by shitposting) I understand why racism is sane, natural and in fact needed.
But there are indeed a lot of trash in these spheres, which is understandable.

Apart from that, shitposting here probably made me hate Americans more. Almost all of them. Good point is, when I meet a valuable American I appreciate him 1000x more too.

Jow Forums pretty much destroyed my opinion of Brits. I used to have this idealized view of Britain, then I learned what chavs were and that their media gives ours a run for its money in pure trashyness. Some Brit publications make Fox News and MSNBC look unbiased and consummately professional by comparison.

It made me like brown boys like myself

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You're turning into a ugly untermensch?

it doesn't. as Jew I still hate all arabs, pakis, africans, religious jews, persians, turks, afghans, indians,bangladesh,indonesian,malaysians,singaporean,japanese,chinese,koreans,mongolians,thai,vietnamese,fillipines,laosian,cambodian,italian,aboriginals,germans,polish,rusdian,french,british,lgbt and criminals of any kind.

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>letting anything from Jow Forums affect you irl

fuck off canada
we are not interested in you

Canadians are my favorite posters on Jow Forums

>letting internet forums swarmed with reclused NEETs influence you that much

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It changed nothing.

It made me racist towards white people. I didn't think they were too bad until I saw what they actually believe when they aren't too pussy to pretend to like you because they are scared little white apes.

yeah but were they sick already before they started lurking here or they were turned by this site?
i don't believe the latter, it sounds like a parents-association type of cover-up story

not really changed much

I dont like young, unsupervised young male refugess strolling around public places in the city
Also I dislike illgeal immigrants and cultural degenracy from United States of Ass
Thats it

I think everyone agrees with me when I say " Jow Forums hates nigger"

even they hate themselves
constant gang wars between themselves here and everywhere they go

Jow Forums loves rap though
which i hate
oh and loves black booties
which i love too

theres a huge difference between legal black migrants in europe and usa

subhuman mongreloid macaco, you're making KARA BOGA threads one day and REEEE I WANNA BE WHITE threads the other

>you're making KARA BOGA threads one day
humans, southerns and southeasterns

but all niggers are the same.

>oh and loves black booties
good lord.....

Jow Forums made me hate:

But thanks to Jow Forums I now tolerate:

Less racist but it made me want to make more off-color jokes about race to trigger people.

half of /his/ are woowoo crystal swinging faggots who spew beautifully worded nonsense. brainlets love that shit though, they would eat up anything and consider it fact

Now i hate racists but i hate niggers even more

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know the difference
it can save your life

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Good thing you're a loser posting on Jow Forums and won't ever do anything important in your life then

butthurt are we mehmet

>But in general it's not a good idea to let Jow Forums inform your view of the world too much, the people who post here aren't representative of their respective communities.
Quite the contrary (except the typical amount of shitposters): People on Jow Forums tend to be, just because they at least are intellegent enough to search for discussion, more valuable in the sense that you rather get true statements, new insights, from them than from random retards in your country, e.g.

would bang if it's a woman desu


Case in point.

This is why you aren't loved

it made me hate wh*tes and gays

I see you

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it made me love wh*tes and gays

Nah not really. Blacks get too much hate while muzzies continue to blow themselves up.

Actually I want a black friend

posting your face doesnt count as an argument

>Actually I want a black friend
>It's not racist because it's positive

Jow Forums was pretty much my first real interaction with non-whites due to living in rural Ulster. It made me really, really, really, really hate non-whites. Ethnostates for everyone. NOW.

>Different people behind the flag
you fucking retarded

Did u know that the flag means nothing? there are people with differents point of view behind it. Geez, i thought asians were intelligents n shiet

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Because the issue is racial not cultural. Culture comes from race. See your shithole is a perfect illustration.

what do you mean? I don't hate black people

I think it made me more knowledgeable about the world, for better and for worse. So in some ways I am more racist, such as I hate Uruguay now. But in some ways I am less, such as I like Colombia more now.

it made me gay
i now love cocks

ei caro lusitano, vem para esta thread, você também é da senpaiília

/his/ is full of redditor communists

Every other board is full of redditor conservatives, so whatever

>it can't be both

What are they saying?

it changed my view of americans but thats it

This, but unironically

There's a conterrâneo that you should tell that to.

/his/ is an extremely shitty board


Basically this.
I always thought America was a good place (though still wouldn't move there).


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