Hey guys, Elliot Rodger here

So I’m back with another Cancer games in this bitch, and today we are going to the beach again since it’s the last day we can go to it. So place your bets, 2 per ID.

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oh boy here we go again, I tribute yukarin

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and black mage patcho

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And every single dark elf.

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how old are you elliot

Smoking Mokou volunteers as tribute

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You can add up to 2

Newfag here, what the hell are the cancer games

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The hunger games but more trashy

Sounds good


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Black Paladin volunteers as well

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the ducc

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entirety of LotLK

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Autism Girl

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Ok, I think I get it.
Spooked skele volunteers

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Why instantly.. nvm.

>japanese shadman

lelliot, my bro, my best pal, my friendliest friend, just *how* old are you? if you dont mind me askin'? you ain't underage or some bullcrap like that now are you chief?

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youll tell me, wont you? lelliot? my friend lelliot the not underage?

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and Bronze GF

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Yukari is already in.

How many slots left?
Sataniafag would add Paulie.

>Sataniafag would add Paulie.
howd you know that, friend? youre connected through some social network? or........... dare i say............ discord, perhaps? are you connected via discord, friend?

nah mate it was through telepathy
I thought the jews already knew about that technique

We are on number 9. Should I add 2 tributes?



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Yes. How many do we need?

5 more, we're at 19 with Mario

7. Well 6 now that someone has added a tribute, and 4 with my tributes. For me the first one will be this fag.

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And the second will be BatRemi

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pray tell, lelliot.....

Can I sub one in for someone else? Even up the count. Can't win if he's not here.

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You can add a second one.

I dun wanto

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Can I add that girl?

no you can't that's iliegal

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I’m going to do it anyways.

Her name is Ryuko Matoi.

I know what her name is.


Since we only need one more tribute, I’ll put in my wife Neo the Ice Cream girl. Now let’s play.

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So we start out with Killer Parties

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And we have Sharks

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Surfing, Sandcastles, and Pirates all at this beach

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The dead of today, RIP.

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Sand is being thrown.

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Base, here we go.

Top 10 craziest surfing contests.

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More dead people here. RIP

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Why is Yukari doing this to me? Even though I use to be Yukari.

Ducks are stupid.

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Damn this beach is violent.

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No survivors, no evidence.

Here’s those who died on the sands. RIP.

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That's my Keiki.

Black elves drawing titties

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So the Feast is here, and it’s crazy.

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No bully the Koishi

Stupid shit after the Feast.

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So we got a special event in this bitch, and we only have 3 left. Who will win?
>The LoLK
>Black Elf
>or Blyat?

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Here’s all the dead by the way, RIP to them all.

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Money on my nigga


Now we are down to 2

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And we have a winner.

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Here is our winner.

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GG! Blyat!
Thanks for hosting OP!

And here’s the stats. Thank you all for watching this, and I’ll see you all again on Friday.

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Nooooooooooo Keiki.

dammit, shitaly

you are all welcome.