We are almost there, which nationality do you think its gonna be?

We are almost there, which nationality do you think its gonna be?

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rooting for Finland
That would be fair at least
or Faroes

burgerland will get both

as always it would be some cancerous general
why would i even care

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I bet it will be some frog an*Me fag again

kill wh*Tey

/brit/ will get both.

Not Brazilian, that's what I know.


I am gay

Somebody take it.

I unironically love /brit/. May I attend your general. sir?

virgin freak

Neither I nor any of people I known of is that jealous as you are


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Brazilian or Turk, with interracial cuckold shitpost

would be nice

would be BASED

would be based and redpilled, fuck wh*Tes


Chinks deserved to be exterminated.

that was a /brit/ reference

All clay and digits belong to US.

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Sorry, but I've never been there. I hope that someone will let me in someday but now it would be really rude to enter /brit/.
This makes me sad

fuck bl*Cks
in the ass
cum in her eyes

lol, /brit/ is fun. you should try it

most probably fucking motter faggots programming both numbers with some seriously unfunny bullshit as happened before.
or it will be another unfunny and unepic crap.

i lost all faith. in everything. fuck life.

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Do you have a drop of british blood in you? Could you let me in?

I'm 0% British but I have shitposted a lot in /brit/


I don't trust this board to not waste a good get.

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killing mysslf if it's the hittites

>Being mentally broken from a mongolian image board being shit
cucked and bluepilled

Leand fit freni cusel ek louebev fo afnem

rooting for the baltics desu

As long as it's not a canadian or Chinese proxy poster.

fuck off mexican weirdo, they are just numbers

>Being mentally broken from a mongolian image board being shit
nope. the "real" life - whatever that means - broke me. im just hanging around here as it feels like im simply waiting for the end.

I will script both and they will be awful

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I hope the poster would post oneesan-shota doujin.

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Please be me I want a cute girlfriend to sit under the covers with and munch on pocky with while watching LOTR

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get it

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>firstie has ah woes me syndrome
God will head you to salvation

some day you will be as old as i am and realize that im right. hopefully you will even make it until that day.


I'm as happy as I could be, their will be troubles in the near future, yet I still pray that everything will be alright in the end. With god by my side I feel invisible since I have no fear.

Well yeah but i mean, its the only time you could actually get it so why no to bother?