Vinegar on lays

>vinegar on lays

Seriously Jow Forums, why are brits doing this?

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yeah put sesame seed on it instead ?

What the fuck you say about muh salt and vinny?

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are you too pussy to handle the taste?

Shut the fuck up salt & vinegar is the GOAT

Vinegar lays are genuinely the best though

Salt and vinegar chips are the best though

More like shit and vinegar lol
Best chips flavour is chicken

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loved salt and vinegar but then remember that its white people's favorite flavor

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Cringe this is why People's Republic is better

but poland is WHITE!

>white people's favorite flavor

no, sweaty

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Vinegar is one of the most disgusting things possible

God Tier
>Prawn Cocktail
>Worcester Sauce

Great Tier
>Cheese and Onion
>Salt and Vinegar

OK Tier
>Ready Salted
>Smoky Bacon

Shit Tier
>Roasted Chicken
>Beef and Onion

Clearly says Walkers you silly cunt.

Smoky bacon is the worst

This, just the smell is enough to put me off from eating it

Acid is essential in every form of cooking


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salt and vinegar is the best flavour
pic rel are the best crisps in existence

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Beef flavour crisps are never nice but Yorkshire puddings are God's gift

That's not even the weirdest walkers flavour

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Grow up

Respecting other people's opinions is one of the basics of maturity

builder's breakfast was GOAT

For the first time in my life I'm envious of you pommies

Well, you'll never know the joys of these gifts from God I suppose

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