Why yes, my husband is Swede. What gave it away?

>Why yes, my husband is Swede. What gave it away?

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I hate her , she gives Lebanon a bad name

ugh. swede always get the best girls

she cute, shame she did porn

why is she so dark for a leb?

Good one

Thot patrol can't come soon enough.

I don't know , all famous Lebanese in America look dark

she looks like this guy

What patrol ?
She is a whore

He's from Copenhagen.

Med girls just can't resist lmao

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Brown + white is objectively a great combination.

Isn't that normal for Lebanese expats?

She's not, the average Arab has the same skin tone as a Paki and the Christians are sometimes even darker since they couldn't enslave white Balkan women for family gang rapes and could only bleach during colonialism/crusade periods


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honestly this

honestly thought she was Indian when i first saw her while all other lebs here are white skinned and semi-European looking

Count on it.

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probs tanning and the need to be dark for max exotic cred. if she wasn't dark americans would just think her white and she'd have no advantage or particular gimmick.

Netherlands sinking in the sea is objectively a beautiful show.

>porn stars bad

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No , only her all Lebanese women are pure , She is disgusting exception

>implying she is a good porn star
Varg, pls

Arabs can look like Pajeets, especially the girls with those dark circles around their eyes

Excellent thread. Upvoted.

white+women that fucks other men is not that nice

lebanese women are renowned for being the whores of the middle east lmao

His name is Proxy.

Mein Gott,she is so hot

Shut the fuck up your women are too ugly they can't even be degenerate , I'll fucking kill you if you say something more

she fucked niggers

I fucked many lebanese women when i went there lol

"Purity" doesn't exist. Not here. Not anywhere

based pheonician bvll

Ofc she is living in US after all

You can't even see your dick , shut the fuck up
Go to /his/

You're so mad!

I like how her video titles were like "ARAB HIJAB MUSLIM GIRL TAKES BBC" while she was from a Christian family and grew up in the US

you're so clearly underage

catholic family, nothing unusual for them




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Get fucked



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Wait you're telling me all those actors aren't really step-siblings?!?!!

>why yes, I defend the honor of my nation and our women on the imageboard www.4channel.org

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she also has a far right militia cross on her arm. you can see part of it in OP's pic

bruh she litteraly fucks niggers

oh god look at that faggy hair and tattoos

>It doesn't matter if she's had sex with hundreds, if not thousands, of guys! She's with ME now, and that's all that matters!

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I dont believe u

Based bitch

The stench of his urine on your face.

she really isn't though lmfao. Everyone here is "right wing", but she happened to be part of the far right that wants to show that they're westernized

Is there anyything more cucked than getting married to a porno star

having a daughter, marrying a non-virgin, making sacrifices for a femoid etc

>having a daughter
This guy gets it

Be happy that she gives Lebanon a name at all.

Why is she so popular anyway?
Brownoid with big plastic tits isn't very rare in porn


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No , I'd rather be unknown than to be known for a vice

Hey, I want to fugg lebanon grills