How does it feel being on a sinking ship

how does it feel being on a sinking ship

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Are you white? You're on a sinking ship of extinction. How's that feel?

Whites will be around for long long long time after I'm dead.

Lol being white is made up you moron,

kek good luck with recession merkel

I don’t know. You tell me Pleb.

Says the american lmao. american flag is an absolute meme

How do the boots taste?

Ok annon want some food down in your basment hole

>All that Hillpepe stuff from 2016

When are the Bidenpepes or Warrenpepes going to come out?

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damn u got no fresh insults anymore, thats lame

id prefer death

Left cant meme, also nigger slide thread sage

imagine thinking hillary is left wing lmao

My statements stand. Both of them

>hides his flag

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Lmao you've got the political understanding of a McMuffin
what kind of loser has a nation flag lmao

Your insults are weak and pathetic and so are you

the kind that is proud of their country, shitskin

such is the life of a nonflag anarchist

When the time comes, you might be the one that the elites claim are made up. After that, you can guess what happens...

Damn maybe u should go to the gym and pop a vessel.
Lmao imagine having the only thing your proud of being the chance of birth ahahhahah thats fucken tragic dude
You have eggs for brains if you think that the elites are conspiring to do shit. They just like having all the money and will do anything to get it.

i know this is Jow Forums but try atleast a little bit harder

Just shoot nigers and all will be okay goyim. Wait, not me no, at least gas me for. The Nazi's at least gassed us before the fucking oven. OH VEY

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Poor child. Everyone hates anarchism. You will be crying in your mom's basement about the system till the end of your life.

>Telling me to go to the gym is the best insult his room temp. IQ can think of

Ultimate untermensch

nawww you still believe in pseudo science, thats cute

lmao says the guy who frequents Jow Forums

Says the guy with the meme ideology flag

Wouldn't it entirely depend on what kind of elite we are talking about? I mean in revolutions there were influential people who became a part of an elite, and for some people that meant certain death.

This what happens when Communism take hold

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Nobody who made the memes for 2016 want to meme for Kike in Chief Donald Trump.