Is Jow Forums actually too stupid to understand the greenhouse effect?

Or are you just making excuses to keep driving gas guzzlers?

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Nope, we all hope the world ends ASAP and faggots like you suffer as much as possible in the process.

The point is that giving more money to the US government isn't going to change anything.

Niggers will flood the North because of this. Why aren't you happy, shill?

>letting the heat to escape
Fuck it, I want tropical Russia and I want it now!

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How would heat escape into space? Do you even know how thermal conduction works?

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Climate science has moved on

Why is a warmer planet bad?

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All human impact on nature is less than the impact of a single volcano. You want to tell me that if there was one more volcano in the world, world would have ended?

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are you?

Study suggests increased atmospheric CO2 created a 30% growth in plant photosynthesis during last two centuries


CO2 is a tiny and insignificant pollutant in the atmosphere due to the fact that plants actively consume it. Guess what a majority of human "pollution" is? Oh right, CO2. Otherwise we can actively make use of Methane as an energy source. N2O is easily phased out or at least mitifated if leftists would stop being a bunch of fucking cucks and spent money on infrastructure.

>Leftists cockblocking technology and offering non-solutions are blaming other people for failing to deliver in the arbitrary rules and restrictions they put in the way.

Everything you say is 100% wrong
You also cant stop me

Hows that make you feel $0¥ boy?


Scientists base what they say about "the greenhouse effect" on experiments in little fish tanks. It's pseudoscience.

B-but w8, someone has a 12yo shill....


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This war on boomers must end. A garage full of trucks and a Cadillac is not a criminal act.

warmer climate increases desertification, can increase sea level due to melting of greenland and antartica. Only colder climates may benefit like Russia and Canada but at the same time they're going to lose coastline. plus there will be many more refugee.

>can increase sea level due to melting of greenland and antartica
how is this bad?
I wanna know whats under antarctica

Ice takes up more space than liquid water idiot.

oh shi- pack it up!

Most faggots, jews, niggers, and liberal white trash live on the coasts
If the sea rise is sudden and they all die while coastal chads make rafts from their bloated bodies then nothing can go wrong

I want Death Valley to suddenly take on water and create an inland sea and drown all the satanic cia/dia niggers in their faggoty little tunnels below

When I was a kid everyone was flipping over the Ozone layer hole growing bigger and that it would lead to the next ice age.
Now the ozone layer is "fixed" and the next issue on the agenda is global warming.
Is not the increased warmth just thanks to the ozone layer healing or am I missing something?

please explain why the dinosaurs got so goddamn huge then.

This is all just a big scary sounding sales pitch so the elite can create the Federal Reserve version 2.0 and counterfeit a new form of money in the form of carbon credits which they will have the exclusive right to pull from thin air and sell, since they're worried that cryptocurrency may mean the end of their current money printing scam.

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How quickly people forget

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>but at the same time they're going to lose coastline
hurrrrr durrrrr less than 1 foot of sea level rise hurrr durr lose coastline hurrr duurrrrr

I'm not bumping this slidethread but for the love of god, can we keep the term "gas guzzler" as an insult to the braap-crowd?

>Banning cars was a great idea, I can't wait to see how China and India's air pollution improve
>ThAt'S rAcIsT!!!!!11!!1!!!111111

0.038% Co2 is now 0.04%
some of it is man made
Yep were going to die
Pay tax sell car eat bugs

We have built the place up for the climate and environment that we had hundred years ago
Speed of the change is also very fast compared to natural processes so environments have hard time adapting fast enough

Try taking physics instead of gender studies next time.

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Why more refugees? Because niggers can't figure out agriculture and irrigation? Does anyone really believe climate change would be an issue if white societies existed around these desertification zones?

so you do understand the greenhouse effect, but pretend you don't understand it because you don't want gas taxes to go up?
>Do you even know how thermal conduction works?
yes. I also know how the greenhouse effect works, so I will try to explain it to you since you obviously do not.

When visible light hits the surface, it loses energy and is re-emitted as infrared light. That light then escapes into space. Except for the light that gets absorbed and re-emitted by GHGs. This for example is why Venus is warmer than Mercury, even though Mercury is closer to the sun.

why do you make up fake things? Do you actually believe something so obviously false? Or did you invest in oil companies and are afraid of losing your investment?
>Look you guys, I posted it again! Yes I know this is actually a fake cover that Jow Forumstards made up to defend their bullshit views but it makes me feel smart to post it!

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Kek, my favorite part of these threads is when drooling retards like you pretend to be smart.
>why are atmospheric re-emissions only illustrated as being toward the ground?
Because it's a simplified graphic made easier for drooling retards like you to understand, and because the ones toward the ground are the only ones that matter
>"Solar Radiation" contains IR frequencies
but it's mostly visible light you drooling retard.

You're talking about a group of people that believe:

>A small group of Jews run the entire world
>white "genocide"
>Obama and Hillary are LITERALLY demons
>sandy hook was fake
>9/11 was an inside job
>George soros is responsible for all the world's ills
>reptilians are real
>Russia is more credible than their own country
>the earth is flat
>killing, raping, and beating women is ok
>fails to see the correlation between mass shooting and gun ownership
>thinks mass shootings are funny and the innocent people deserved it
>thinks a pizza parlor is a sex dungeon
>thinks anime turns you GAY

Etc.. ETC.

Is it really that hard to believe?

>heh. I called him a retard. I don't need to back up my argument with any science.

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>Speed of the change is also very fast compared to natural processes
You're lying. Nobody knows how fast the Earth's environment changed, the geologic record they use for such data has an extremely low time resolution.

We are environmentalists. We try to save the climate by getting rid of you physically. Less (dumb liberal/leftist) humans, better for nature.

> doomsday conspiracy theory
found the kike

based retard

>back up my argument with science
>drooling retards are too stupid to understand science
>"Heh looks like I win!"
if you say so drooling retard

ice core samples have pretty good resolution and those go back a million years

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Maybe the hole in the ozone thing was testing the waters to see how the public would buy the global warming scam

A single volcano can disrupt global climate more than centuries of human industry. The earth has experienced much greater and drastic shocks than what humans are currently doing

yes and environment can't adapt to quick change caused by volcano or a meteor strike either, I hope you didn't think you had a point.

yes and yes

his point is mankind isn't causing climate change. you have no proof otherwise.

no you are just so stupid to understand the facts

>watch and learn this theory get debunked

based retard

Notice the nearly vertical lines that stretch from the chart's minimum to maximum temperatures in several places that predate all ice core samples? What do you think I'm going to say next?

The funny thing is I'm not even actually denying global warming. But the GHE argument is trash. It's caused by increased heat budget from industrial activity combined with interruptions in spring weather patterns that result from agricultural activity and there's literally no way to stop it without decreasing industrial activity and decreasing agricultural footprint (i.e. culling the human population)
And yet you libshits insist on importing more and more people and inevitably bulldozing more and more natural landscape in order to fit them. You push away local industry so that we have to fill the oceans with container ships so you can have your hypocrite iphone 1389047392847913287419823074810723047XYZ PRO

When you scrawny liberal faggots show even just a shred of the physical self sufficiency that is necessary in a future where the planet isn't doomed then I'll take you seriously. But you like to push the GHG boogieman because it shifts the blame away from your soiboi plastic made in china container ship life that you depend on to exist because you are such a weak pathetic pile of trash.

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man made climate change doesn't exist

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>lacks any evidence
>everyone else is the retard

Explain how gas and vacuum can coexist please. After we establish what sort of greenhouse we're living in we can debate if the greenhouse is getting too hot because of us or for any other reason.

cringe. damn bro that physics degree is really paying off, you sure debunked climate change!

You do realize "nearly vertical" in a graph where single pixel represents million years is pretty much as far as fast as it gets

This is why people don't take amerimutts seriously

Based. How many hoaxes we have to go through?

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I bet you don't even know what RCMP8.5 means.

Based !

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Do they even talk about greenhouse gases anymore? I remember we were all going to be boiled alive by the sun because of those things.
Now it's carbon, somehow.

typo, that's RCP8.5

just so you can find it google lol

>You do realize "nearly vertical" in a graph where single pixel represents million years is pretty much as far as fast as it gets
>the geologic record they use for such data has an extremely low time resolution.

You're doing that leftist thing where you try to disrupt the conversation by pretending you can't read. Fun fun.

Is that a young harrison ford?

then why did Europe shit itself over our leaving the Paris Agreement?

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You said no one knows how fast climate changes when it's in fact only you who doesn't know.
You are doing the leftist thing where you pretend things you don't know must mean no one knows.

Why does the heat only go down ward? Wouldn't the heat leaving the gases as inferred radiation spread in all directions?

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Are you too stupid to ask China, India and the Arabs countries to do their fair share?


The worst part about arguing about environmental issues with leftists is that I don't know a single leftist who actually takes a shred of personal responsibility with regard to the environment. They are all slobs that leave garbage laying around everywhere and can't be bothered to walk to the store at the end of the street.

All I know is, it's very important that the United States make drastic changes now, and not China, the world's largest polluter.

Don't ask why...just commit to the Green New Deal and everything will work out fine.

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Are you too stupid to understand that CO2 saturation has hit the peak over a decade ago and adding more CO2 now actually won’t increase temperatures?

You must have a sad life. Having the time and drive to try and convince what you view as literal nazis of climate change. You probably have dyed your hair and had many degenerate sexual experiences. There is no way you have any unaborted children. You should probably kill yourself. If you are wondering who is saying this to you, I am a National Socialist taking a dump in my large house in affluent suburbs. My wife is downstairs working remotely. My kids are at private school which costs 30,000 a year.


i like to see how they wiggle out of the science. reminds me of Christians trying to use science to prove God exists.

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>color red bad

US is fine it's Pentagon dude and DOD

We can let global warming happen.
We can make the west spend untold number of trillions and wail because the rest of the world don't try.
Or we can do that.

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> climate models are accurate, goyim
> ignore how we constantly adjust past recorded data to make the past cooler and the present hotter, gentile
fuck off with your climate propaganda, fucking cultist

they do but the image is obviously just a simple level illustration for mutt brains.

Obviously the radiation spread more or less evenly in all directions but the more of it is absorbed and then spread all over the place the more of it comes back down since otherwise all of it would have just gone straight out.

You know china is worlds largest investor in renewable energy, nuclear power and electric vehicles right?

Whatever you believe, green policies WILL be a thing in western countries very soon. So you might wanna invest in those companies, whatever you believe is.

Warmer Climate does not increase desertification lol, warmer climate increases water in the atmosphere which will make the earth warmer and wetter. This leads to forestation not desertification lol.

>mfw a fat, lazy, materialistic libshit starts preaching environmentalism to me.

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I would think Venus is warmer than Mercury because Mercury is tidally locked to the sun (like our moon) and half of it is covered in darkness forever. One weird thing about Venus is that the poles of Venus are hotter than the equator.

which is why the dinosaurs got huge. plenty to eat and such.

>Jow Forums is one person

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Yet carbon only makes up 9% of greenhouse gas effect. Which humans are only resposible for 4%. U.S.A. >1%
Cutting carbon emissions would do nothing.
Do you even science?

Stupid, everyone knows DRUMPF is warming the planet to kill the brownie peopel!

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Venus is warmer because it has a denser atmosphere. (Mercury has none). Atmospheric density is a huge factor. Mars for example has just as high a percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as venus but is a frigid hellhole because its atmosphere is very thin.
So anyone who brings up
>muh Venus
has to admit that atmospheric density is a more crucial factor that atmospheric composition.

>he believes commie propaganda

Here's a funny story: you've probably heard of that giant plastic island the size of Texas in the Pacific. That was actually created by all the idiot tree huggers trying to recycle plastic bags, which were then offshored to China, who promptly turned around and dumped them into the sea when they're recycling plant capacity maxed out.

China gives a shit about the ecosystem about as much as they care about the suffering of dogs. Don't make me post a video.

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>keep driving gas guzzlers

cars actually leave a very small foot print on the environment. Climate change is being manufactured by large corporations in an attempt to control the weather.

The skies are being sprayed on purpose by commercial airliners,w ho are dumping aluminum, barium and strontium into the skies. Chem trails are not normal for jet engines. There are boats in international waters that are also burning bunker fuels on purpose. They are intentionally killing life on this planet.

When you red pill yourself on what is actually going on in the skies. You don't need to be red pilled on anything else.

>You said no one knows how fast climate changes when it's in fact only you who doesn't know.
What was the temperature in year -354,000,000 and what was it in -354,000,001?

You're the drooling retard. Do you not understand that all this shit doesn't matter if you don't convince India and China? Well, do you?