Franco being removed from El Valle de los Caídos

It's happening!!! The Supreme court in Spain has approved today by unanimity to take Franco out from his place in El Valle de los Caídos. Fucking commies are ruining this country! This is WAR!!!

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Isn’t that image near Monserrat?
I’ve been there and inside the basilica.
They didn’t mention that Franco was buried in there

te pasa por vivir en un hoyo progre jajjajajajaj

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Cierto, aunque confío en que el PP vuelva a gobernar algún día

trust a fucking burger to say something like that, no that's not monserrat, Catalonia, it's el valle de los caidos, madrid.

they did it for the memeing, what will seal the fate of the whole thing is the next elections, anything can happen

Montserrat is in Cataluña and El Valle de los Caídos is in Madrid

Sorry, it was almost 10 years ago. The days blend together. I thought I visited Montserrat on the same day as this but I just looked at a map and that would have been impossible

your country is a bigger jew farce than most

>algún día
who knows, might be next elections at this rate, if it's not, "some day" for sure, this country is known for left and right taking turns, I'm rooting for mass PP corrupt leaders jailing to happen soon, fingers crossed

That's a very spiffy church Spain

PP is mafia, but this country can only be ruled by PP or PSOE, so I prefer PP rather than PSOE

it's not a church, it's something else, like a war memorial or something like that, Franco was mega Christian

Hope vox burries him in the Almudena

Spaniards were always leftist ever since they got Arabed

Keep hoping

Why though, they're known to sell our public property to their "friends" and get money in black for it, look at telefonica, the hospitals, public roads, etc, I think that people is pure scum

Next election PSOE is gonna reach absolute majority

Never forget Amerimutts sanctioned the franco gov untill they accepted Us army bases.

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the left bad right good mantra is poison, guess what's the jewish main seat, eventhough they play both sides

sic semper tyrannus

I wish, but I highly doubt it, my vote goes for podemos anyways, I absolutely despise both PP and PSOE

PSOE is known for ruining our country in the last 15 months and between 2004 and 2011

Protest it - do everything you can to defend it
if you leave it be removed - you will lose the culture war

>want PP to govern

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there is no such thing as left and right
it's jews versus catholicism
communism islam whatever, they all belong to one of those factions

Fuck you fucking commie, my vote is for VOX

they were in charge during the world crisis, that's all, they've could have done many things better, but still


>Fucking commies are ruining this country!
the family has a tomb in front of the Royal Palace in the middle of Madrid, I hope they put him there

I love Israel too

how bad are things over there?

he was fascist lad, talk properly is gay, Jose.

World crisis? Countries like USA or Germany had 1 or 2 years of recession, while we had 5 (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013). True that PP was ruling in 2012 and 2013, but it still was PSOE's inheritance.

>Germans died to liberate them from commies

Never change spain
Always with rape form niggers
If it's not franco's troops it's just everyday niggers

Franco is someone history will be very kind to when the leftist mob fuck off. Great and good man.

>but it still was PSOE's inheritance.
debatable, but I really deally don't feel like it

germans fought on both sides

No it's not u aint doing shit

germans fought for franco
traitor scum fought for the republicans

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Could been worst, at least you dont have crazy shit happenin like in sweden or argentina

Remminder that there is still the constitutional tribunal ans Strassbourg to go.
They are not moving him anywhere soon.

...what's happening in argentina?

this is disgusting

in argenting the right party has already sold the country to the IMF, and everibody knows what happens next, working class gets rekt

Well, Spain. You're oficially now something worse than France.

The market hollowed itself out after socialists took power.
Anyone have pics of the leader's son?

That's what's happening in Argentina
There's no right parties. The least lefty amongst them is labeled as "right"

And Spain is starting to race on that same track.

they are not worse than France
but they are still UK tier
our last hope is Italy

Why are the commies reeing? they want to do stuff to his bones? The guy is dead for fuck's sake. Hardly the only corpse at Valle de los Caidos. So what if people go there to see him? He's dead and not coming back (unfortunately) Our commies get mad at Salazar's grave and it's on a regular cemetery in his hometown. Hitler was right to not give away his corpse.

You Werent here when their market busted an the country was sold off to some lefty idiot?

You must be joking, right wing parties in spain are 300% right wing when it comes to economy, as in globalist scum that will sell it's own country for peanuts and take in nice sums of money on the down low in return, that's what all of them have been doing for a long time, it doesn't look good

It's election time, is part of the commies strategy to gain heat and make fags go to vote.

i vaguely remember something about it

>keeping gibs for leftymonkeys
>pampering separatists instead of enforcing nation unity
>keeping taxes for politicians to splurge in the name of equality
>they're 300% right wing because they're greedy as I am but they're not entitled to it... trust me, we're selling Spain to the peseta.

i thought the imf only loaned money to shithole countries

In every country where the good guys won, these pussies waited decades after the good guys died before they dared to demonize and disrespect them.

Hitler lost, Franco won and they never ever going to forget that, so the commies are always in a eternal reeeeeeeing about Paco.

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>Our commies get mad at Salazar's grave and it's on a regular cemetery in his hometown
They want to make him an unperson
It's like in 1984 - that fiction based on what happens if you combine England and Socialism
If there is someone they don't like, they literally want to erase them from existence until nobody remembers
When nobody remembers, nobody can make their own judgement and when nobody can make their own judgement, nobody can argue against leftists anymore

not sure what's your point, all I said is happening

Franco got cucked out of the absolute monarchy he wanted for Spain though

lol y vosotro vs aseguir aguantar el abuso..the state of Spain....

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Juan Carlos would have been a shitty absolute monarch

you should have gotten a savoyard or habsburg on the throne
bourbons are already too senile family to be monarchs anymore

He should have siezed the throne for himself like a true ubermensch Chad.

The carlists might get a habsburg when their pretender dies.
Maybe I'll become a requeté.

seizing the throne does not work out so easily unless you are of the high nobility

Franco left gracefully, giving way to Juan Carlos though, that dumbass. Also
Franco memes must be kryptonite for the commies lel.
Pretty sad, trying to erase history. My HS History exam was 90% Salazar, now it probably is about social justice or some shit

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