Sum up your country in one image

Sum up your country in one image.

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I fucking hate this stupid country

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Is your country the United States and that is your average bong tourist?

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Here's a mental image of planet earth in general..

the throbbing head of a rock hard cock shooting hot cum down your throat. suck the cock some more

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thats one thick rabbi sucking on that dudes bloody cock

Replace black with chink

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I more hate everything that Boomers turned it into. We were considered a very sophisticated, refined, dynamic country before the 90s and 00s. Dress codes started to disappear only the college campuses in the 60s (again, it's generational) and suddenly the middle class American (that is, Boomer) started to turn dressing like the biggest slob into an artform. Reality TV, Sex and the City, Jerry Springer on television, on a societal level no one trusts each other anymore and suddenly in America the bad guys are the good guys and whoever is the biggest con artist is the "smart one." Everyone is getting fat because Boomers overwhelmingly abandoned cooking, family meals, and food culture. And don't even get me started on the cynical, jaded, useless kids they raised.

If it required craft, good form, and effort, Boomers rejected it, whatever it was.