elephant edition :DDDDD

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*ahem fuck /egy/ posters.

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First for Lebanon

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Dubs and you have to namefag Benny

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id rather be a native emarati rather than an egypsie not gonna lie

Good edition. Dubs decide my name btw

Try again

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my fellow Urduni knows what's up

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Rolling for ben(is)

Third reroll’s a charm

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this isn't me btw sven

Benny cursed, rolling for the beautiful and good texan

Last roll
Ring a ding ding

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name yourself as E-gf

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>1 off quads

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both of you missed the quads wow that's sad


i give up

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كسم اي حد مش مصري + كسم الانون المصري اللي بيعرص للانانين اللي مش مصريين

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you did it again
based 7 trips



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it's not me.
He's the Pali
i'm gonna start namefagging to make is less confusing

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اعاده رول

>انون واحد اماراتي عامل نفسه مره قردني ومره فلسطيزي
احا :DDDDD

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Lebanon should annex Syria southern parts of turkey Jordan and Israel desu

lebanon cant annex itself

holy fukin cope
an being an Emirati means an easily life. I wish I was a fukin Emirati for easy gov gibs.
Egyptian posters are truly delusional.

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lmfao ok

I should annex ur mom

Is this why you migrated to UAE? to suck dicks for gibs?
Pathetic tbqh.

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Lebanese BVLLS could beat literally everyone in the past 100 years while outnumbered
dont underestimate youreslf

where do you clowns come from?
go back to /egy/ or r/egypt please

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