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dilate b8er

I would love to run her over with a real truck

The best thing about blocking oil and coal is it would cause modern civilization to collapse, so we'd stop feeding niggers and leftists. The right would take a big hit too, but not as much as they would.

Please be next tianamen square

It would be to risky to stop

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Some poor africans need that fuel to run their hospitals.

What's the point of this shit, is anyone actually changing their stance on climate change because of her. We should start by explaining how alarmists made sound science look like a joke.

I hope that 'oil' truck steeps on the 'gas'

Are those plastic bags?

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>plastic bags, 2 of them
>illustrator so bad he has to write her name ON A FUCKING PLASTIC BAG OF ALL THINGS


Lol they appear to be

She'd better hope it's not a truck of peace.

Some white farmers that need hydrocarbons for industrial agriculture to function so we can keep shipping tons of food to subsaharan Africa to keep an unsustainable hominid population alive.

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It's a cult that was created by Marxists to control the stupid.

Yeah, not like we also need oil for its by-products. Not like we also rely upon it for lubrication. Not like coal is also used to make steel, which is used in practically everything important. No, we only need these vital resources to destroy the world, and that Swedish meatball is a brave revolutionary womxn instead of a misled brat standing in the way of industrial progress.

Isn't it cultural appropriation for stone age savages to be wearing those clothes?

USA:stops 100% of all emissions
India and China: citizens throw trash on sidewalk and ocean and thick fog prevents sight for over ten feet in front of you
Greta: perfect

Waste is bad. "Climate change" is probably not real. Either way, we are not the problem. Dumb white women.

No hydrocarbons means no synthetic fertilizer, which means no industrial agriculture, which means no food.

did she solve global warming or something already? thank god, now I can keep all of my lights on 24/7

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