France has fallen

France has fallen

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The whole of Europe is

>one black guy in the picture
>France has fallen!

It is our fault. We removed the man that warned of the Jew destroying Europe with finance and corruption.

Of all the wars, our (((Media))) insist on telling us THAT was somehow the greatest generation and heros. Gentiles killing gentiles is, in their mind, the best kind of goy.

I wonder if the spics that replace us will be as happy to die for Israel.

they all look french to me

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My GF really wants us to go to Paris next year, how do I talk her out of it?


Almost three centuries ago*

tell her that you are a beta cuck afraid of brown people, her pussy will get so dry she wont want to go with you anywhere

Go visit the smaller villages instead

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Franks were always a bunch of faggy losers
Good riddance

Paris looked like this when I was last there ~15 years ago. I can only guess as to what the fuck it looks like now.

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What the fuck do you call all those turks and arabs in the front of the frame you literal retard?

Whole world is getting destroyed, thanks to homoglobo jew slaves called Americans, oh and dont forget autistic western europeans.

Tell her truth, show pics of whats going on the streets. Terror acts, yellow jacket protests etc

We removed many men that held this tide back, and with each one their plot should have become more apparent.

dude, seriously do everything in your power to not go there. Just show her some pics of how fucked it is. I went there a few months ago after I gave into some friends peer pressure and it was worse than I had imagined. I've never seen so many niggers and mohameds in my life before.

Franks were descendants from german tribes that killed your ancestors during the first crusades you filthy animal

Make it seem like it was your idea, meanwhile act like her being in the kitchen would be the worst thing to ever happen.

The state of two Latvias.

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whats your state? just go to the biggest city in your state and it will look like paris minus the architecture

Why would you talk her out of it? Experiencing Paris is a major red pill. I say you go with her while being openly reluctant about it in the lead up. Once you're there take her on the Metro and she'll see the immigrants openly pissing and screaming at each other. Take her to any of the landmarks and she'll just see an ocean of Chinese tourists all with their phones out taking a picture of the exact same thing. The value of any romantic Paris moment that she sees on her Instagram or in films will be utterly shattered when she goes to the romantic spots and finds a hundred other couples all wearing the same thing taking the same pictures and leaving their own little padlock on a chain link fence on a bridge which is inevitably cut off and thrown in the trash by the French state. Also French people are antisocial shells of people who float around living an empty French life getting fat eating French bread and chain smoking their way to the grave.

Fuck France. Take her to the Scottish Highlands or the Hebrides.

A friend went to Paris as an exchange student an a police officer called him Chili con carne



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well he is afraid of brown people, guess he will have to imagine the rest

>muh crusades
Christkikes getting BTFO by mudslimes time after time
Just like modern times
No wonder history repeats itself
Christcucks are pathetic

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>Vice headquarters

Go the south of France, small village are better, avoid big town such as Toulouse or Montpellier, full of nigger, the best region you can visit in France = Lot, Corr├Ęze, Bretagne,

not only that, crusaders also killed, robbed and terrorized other christians too while on their way to "holy land"

At least we know what side you choose, you will both get exterminated together anyway, we know the "based jew" is only a subversion, there's no such thing.

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