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Oh they'll leave. Machine shops and blueprints still exist.

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Aaaaaand this is why my ancestors left. (And currently rising shadow communists are trying to destroy what they built.) The way I see it, the British have two options here:
>a. leave and create another country
>b. revolt
It's a pity you guys can't wield so much as a butter knife over there. You had a CLEAR vote on how you wanted your country run, and your government is fighting you tooth and nail. They want to rule over the people, and not for the people. They have made this very clear. They are the enemy of the people. I wish I had some useful advice. I just feel incredibly sorry for all of you.

>Its only democracy when it favors us

When will people finally realize that democracy is a lie? They should just revert to an absolute monarchy already. At least then they'll know who's fucking them in the ass instead of everyone just putting on a little show like they do now.

Welp, it looks like Brexit is canceled.
>Inb4 the Brits get very angry and do nothing about it as always.

Reminder: britz and amerricans died for democracy.
We were kinda right, eh?

This doesn't matter, if Boris does not deliver on brexit - his failure will kill the conservative party, and give way to radical alternatives for instance Farage.
But it will ultimately completely kill the establishment, labour is incredibly unpopular in addition to that.
It's just a win, win scenario

Well now that the court can cancel Brexit everything should go back to normal. Aside from the floods since they cant dredge their own waterways like they have been for 500 years because the EU said not to.

>You used the rules of correctly but we rich banker Jews don't like it so you're overruled!
What a fucking fraud of a country, just like ours.

Agreed. It wouldn't surprise me if we began seeing radical elements similar to the IRA. Of course it will all be written off as "white male domestic terrorism."

Democracy is a meme.

The fact that Farage is considered radical is just insane to me

Doesn't surprise me. People consider Trump radical. He's an old-school Democrat.

Farage is literally a conservative from 10 years ago. You are working that kosher shaft hard to allow them to have shifted your perception that far.

Because the Overton window has been pushed so far. He is actually radical to these cunts

Just imagine the shit storm when the coming financial crisis hits. This powder keg is going to blow, add in all the migrants into the mix and it's super fucked.

It's insane, but proves just how effective the international propaganda campaign has been against native resistance to globalism. Most of the population in every Western country actively votes against their own self-interests and thinks they're morally solid gold for doing so. They'll continue voting to fuck themselves until it is too late, then the veil will drop and it will be too late for them to save themselves.

They're leaving Ireland ;)

we need an anglosphere union under the American constitution. But it will never be allowed by the (((elites))) they want whites atomized and powerless tax cattle funding their own replacement.

Oh yeah there won't be a political solution but there also won't be a violent resistance. If you want the future look at Sweden, look at South Africa, look at southern states in the US. They've spent a long time planning this and aren't going to be surprised and caught out by youtube politicians shedding light on their plans. They've demoralized, disarmed and atomized the populations. Each year our voices get more and more restricted as the enemy population grows.

Yet still in countries like south africa whites still preach anti-racism as their minute population gets oppressed and massacred.

We think it'll be different here as the situation there is slightly different (bantus somehow own the land they migrated to later) but they're already rewriting history. Britain used to be black, the US was founded by slaves etc.

The future for europeans isn't in the countries as they currently stand. Those won't be saved.

>one court rules it's lawful
>another court rules it's unlawful
>another court rules its lawful
>another court rules it's unlawful

personally I just think the courts are awful

Hey bongs I have British citizenship from my mother. Is it worth it at all to go there, or is it even more cucked than New Zealand?

people know, they just dont care. why would they, life is still cozy for the most part.

To add to this i wouldn't be surprised if we start getting fabricated stories about communities of blacks/arabs who have always lived in europe. BBC running 'Britain's Blacks' about some fictious african group that lived in dover since prehistory and whose descendants are here today. You'll be amazed at what they can make people believe. The 5 year turn around from people laughing at transexuals to firmly and violently believing they are actually women shows the ownership the media has on the population's brains.

Based and Revolution-Pilled.

So long as people have enough to eat, the plebs will take it. Keep in mind, all of this is financed by debt, enabled by the usurous Central banking system that is continually resorting to desperate measures to prop up the ponzi system. Draghi went full weimar with his permanent QE operation, things will continue to deteriorate until the dam breaks. This thing is global.

based and stenpilled

its all planned out for this, Im just tired of waiting.

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>suspending parliament is unlawful
>refusing democratic vote from your constituents is

millions of people throughout history have hung from trees and posts for much less

Most western monarchies are cucked to shit anyway. Just bring back Hitler and get it over with.

wuts goin on ere.
you got a loicence for them bloo prints?

every western government since ww2 ended has been run by jews and blatantly anti white.

I hope Ireland reunites and scotland secedes, before the British state finally goes completely under the way it deserves



damn, looks like you may need another Cromwell afterall. :/

Court rules that it has power to rule on anything it wants because it literally is unaccountable to anyone or anything.
Independent courts are a mistake.

The EU is dying either way. If Britain leaves, everyone will see life is better in liberty, and other nations will quietly leave one by one.
Or Britain is kept inside against its people's will, the EU becomes openly and brazenly a "prison of nations", and armed resistance against tyranny will be legitimate and will spread.

Fuck off race traitor.

feel for you uk bros. we're ruled over by a bunch of unaccountable judges too.

marbury v madison is unironically unconstitutional

What happens when its years from now and Brexit still hasn't occurred? Do they just ignore the referendum and carry on like nothing happened?

Too bad they only have bong "men" to man those guns.

Farage? For fuck sake people!
What will happen is what happened during the EU elections: Farage will run his Brexit party, as he promised and he will win. Then the Brexit will happen.

Fuck off Anglo scum. You pieces of shit deserve everything you get for all the wars you've caused across the world. I feel so happy when I see you becoming a minority in your own country

Who gives a fuck lol

Dead country with no future

It's about time we throw them out to the sea again

It's all part of the political theatre to distract and frighten the Plebs. Keep them fighting each other over petty bullshit and they will never fight the Jews and white Good Goyim at the top of society.

And yet you live in a country we created