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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

>TRUMP 4EVA 6/21/19
SCHEDULE/WH Public Pool:

>TrumpTweet: Pres Trump NOT Pres Mittens 9/23/19
>Pres Trump bilat w/ROK Pres Moon 9/23/19
>Pres Trump bilat w/Egyptian Pres el-Sisi 9/23/19
>Pres Trump bilat w/Singapore PM Lee 9/23/19
>Pres Trump bilat w/POL Pres Duda 9/23/19
>Pres Trump bilat w/Pakistan PM Khan 9/23/19
>Pres Trump/VP Pence @UNGA on Religious Freedom 9/23/19
>Pres Trump arrives @UN 9/23/19
>FLotUS Melania @NYSE 9/23/19
>VP Pence on Hannity 9/23/19 (pt1)
>PressSec Stephanie on F&F 9/23/19
>PressSec Stephanie on FBN 9/23/19
>TreasSec Mnuchin on Dobbs 9/23/19
>ActDHSSec McAleenan @CFR on Immigration 9/23/19
>IRF Amb Brownback on FoxNews 9/23/19
>StateDeptSpox Morgan on FoxNews 9/23/19
>StateDept Foreign Press Brief (IRF Amb Brownback) 9/23/19
>WHVideo: FLotUS Melania Rings Opening Bell @NYSE 9/23/19

OP pastebin:

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When are Bolsonaro and Trump speaking today? Couldn't care less about the rest.


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Also, as the US so the World, in both good and bad
I think that's what he needs to do in any case.


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Remember that time a famed blackmailer-intelligence asset died under Trump DOJ and nobody cared haha, Iron Barr pedes.

they're bullying melania

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Who's jigglin for JOe?

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At this very moment US Congressmen and Senators are discussing the 2nd Amendment. It is up to "We," the American People to help them make the right choice in preserving our right to bear arms.
Contact your Congressmen. Write them letters, Email, and Phone.
Contact your Senators. Write them letters, Email, and Phone.
Contact President Trump. Write him letters, Email, and Phone.
>1 - 2 0 2 - 4 5 6 - 1 1 1 1
These organizations have many contacts in Washington and can also help your message be heard. Email, Write In, and Call
GOA, Gun Owners of America
NRA, National Rifle Association
Of particular importance in this Debate are the leaders of the Senate.
Mitch McConnell
Leader of the Senate
Chuck” Schumer Democratic leader in the Senate
Finally, the top House members.

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NOTICE ME Trumpu-sama!

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「I love Trump and I hate gun control」
Call your or other people's representatives and senators at federal and state level you niggers. Email them, write letters like the boomers do which apparently works, and screech at their offices autistically. I don't think anything will come out of this, but it's better to be safe than sorry now isn't it. It makes no sense for you to come down here and whine impotently like how jews do about how one faggoty failed Austrian painter supposedly killing millions of their kind. Also read this:

Mitch McConnell has repeatedly blocked gun control legislation in the senate because he's smart enough to realize how stupid that would be. Also, please do the same to the White House. Trump more or less likely has interns here watching us, but fill up the lines. Let him know how you feel about this pretty bad idea.

The fact people fail to understand that, considering the people manning the federal government (the blokes answering phones, for instance) are the same as 40 years ago and trained by the same as 80 years ago, no wonder that THEY DON’T GIVE A FUCK FOR INTERNET OUTRAGE. But clogged phone lines? That get forwarded very fast to representatives and the executive as feedback from their base.




#3 man for the Republicans are against them too

dumb commie chief just finished

>His Excellency Jair Messias Bolsonaro, President, Federative Republic of Brazil
>His Excellency Donald Trump, President, United States of America
His Excellency Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, President, Arab Republic of Egypt
His Excellency Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President, Republic of Turkey
His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari, President, Federal Republic of Nigeria
His Excellency Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, President, Republic of Maldives
His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, Emir, State of Qatar
His Excellency Ueli Maurer, President, Swiss Confederation
Her Excellency Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, President, Republic of Croatia
His Excellency Evo Morales Ayma, Constitutional President, Plurinational State of Bolivia
His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
His Excellency Moon Jae-in, President, Republic of Korea
His Excellency Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, President of the Faso, President of the Council of Ministers,
Burkina Faso
His Excellency Emmanuel Macron, President, French Republic
His Excellency Sebastián Piñera Echeñique, President, Republic of Chile
His Excellency Željjko Komšić, President, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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ok this is actually too fucking funny

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Death to all dumniggers

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media: force a war to win election, you know how many baby seals might get ran over in iran by tanks


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Yeah true. These were likely just Disney shills that were paid to make the movie look bad so that they can buy the DC franchise.

I'm 99% sure that Disney pays journalists to give bad reviews on opposition movies.

My next lead-on theory as to WHY they would do that, is so that they can eventually buy the franchise. I think that Disney will eventually buy out the DC franchise, and we will see DC and Marvel both owned by Disney - if the American government allows it.


Trump's a Saudi bitch, he's a big fat bitch
He's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world
He a stupid bitch, if there ever was a bitch
He's a bitch to all the boys and girls

On Monday he's a bitch
On Tuesday he's a bitch
On Wednesday to Saturday, he's a bitch
Then on Sunday, just to be different
He's a super King Kamehameha biyotch!

Come on! You all know the words!

Have you ever met my friend Donald Trump?
He's a Saudi bitch to the the whole wide world
He's a mean ol' bitch, and he has stupid hair
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Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch
He's a stupid bitch! (Whoa!)
Donald Trump is a bitch
And he's such a dirty bitch! (Bitch!)

Talk to kids around the world
And it might go a little bit something like this:

Kǎi ěr de māmā shìgè biǎo zi yīgè biǎo zi

Elle est la plus grande chienne dans le monde entier

Ze is een stom kutwijf, als er iemand een kutwijf was

Yeye ni Bitch yote ya wavulana na wasichana

Have you ever met my friend Donald Trump?
He's a Saudi bitch to the whole wide world
He's a mean ol' bitch, and he has stupid hair
He's a bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch

Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch
He's a Saudi bitch!
Donald Trump's a bitch
And he's such a Saudi Bitch!

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50% of the US are Commies

Where and when did it go wrong? Who is to blame in the US from the past?

Everyone needs to go shit all over /sg/ for a change. In the great words of Trump
>You always gotta hit them back

What ties?


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>we will see DC and Marvel both owned by Disney
Good. It's about time we finally get some Amalgam Comics movies made. I demand my capeshit be both bigger AND dumber.

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> 50% of US are commies.
Actually its lot more than that, since 1776 was a Communist revolution and then subsequently the 'Union' (Communists do love their Unity) pavement stomped Confederacy.

50 percent of "Americans" are muttniggers and evolutionary mistakes and it could be rectified in a few months if people decided to live or die as free men

This tweet was the best thing that I have seen in weeks. Trump just won my vote.

Behind every memeflag is a jew. You know, the murderers of Christ, and the scum that mutilate their young and suck the bloody baby dicks.

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I wouldn't be too upset to see someone else buy DC honestly. Warnerbros fucking suck and ruined their one shot at it with TDK trilogy.

> Pineapple pizza lovers BTFO
If you like Pineapple pizza you might as well kys
(You can’t make this shit up)

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Are you talking about women?

gang weed meme'd it's way into reality

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Says the guy wearing the flag of King Globohomo on a thread dedicated to Zionist President?

good one faggot.....

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> pineapple lovers BTFO

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The DHS and any kind of pizza that isn't pepperoni or cheese are mistakes.

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kike detected.

Is this about global warming? Will be a “clean air clear water US has the cleanest air” speech for sure

If this happens, we're getting some awesome crossovers.

I wasn’t going to see it but being not allowed tickles an impulse.

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FDR, who helped Stalin and the Soviets instead of letting Germany destroy communism once and for all. Every war the US has been in since then is because of that decision
>Korean War
>Vietnam War
>south american proxy wars
>Middle East wars
>China trade war
all a side effect of letting communism survive

Smedley Butler is a fucking cuck who could have helped stop it

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KYS Goldberg. Go seethe that Trump didn't kill Assad.

If house dems decide to go forward with impeachment and RINOs like Romney help it pass in the senate, that will be the beginning of the one-party state in the US.
Whatever neo-con stooge they try to prop up to replace Trump for 2020 wouldn't even get a quarter of the votes.
No point in voting after that, because the demographic replacement would be accelerated to the point that Texas would flip blue before the 2022 mid-terms. North Carolina and New Mexico would probably flip too.
It's like they really do want some kind of civil unrest.

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Pizza is a mistake. Mixing fats and carbs is asking for obesity.

the water and air seem pretty clean, maybe not scientifically the best, what?


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Oh my FUCK! Someone remembered these silly things exist.

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> DHS and cheese pizza
I’m out. Also

> based A list, must be Tom Cruise

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> President has massive Evangelical Zionist support.
> Appointed one such as his VP
> Supports Israel
You are delusional. You are in thread dedicated to one of the most kike'd up POTUSes of all time.

You sound like a DC shill

>I think that's what he needs to do in any case.
Tactically, having AZ secured would make Trump's chances a whole lot better. He would only need a single more state out of MN/WI/MI/PA.


Disband the DHS and outlaw pineapple pizza.

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First of all, many Whites are Commies as well, and even if purely that was the reason, who is to blame?

Obama was self identified as the most Jewish president we've ever had.

A man named Dickstein saved America from becoming a fascist military state, the Soviet Union and all communism from being destroyed by the Nazis, and the Jews from the consequent extermination that would have ensued.

The bigger question is why? Most pineapples are Hawaiian right

Fucking lel is this real? It really is like that everywhere you go in the US
>you're going somewhere ON YOUR OWN? What are you an ISIS?
I just wanted a burger and a cocktail lads

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>ruined their one shot at it with TDK trilogy.
There's no such thing as "one shot" anymore. Just look at spiderman, it took 3 shots but now everyone thinks Sony is finally doing it right (they'll screw it up again, don't worry). WB is about to reboot Batman once again with the Twilight vampire, and if that flops they'll just try again. If they can convince someone other than Hack Snyder to put up money for DC movies they can turn it all around almost instantly.

The 90's had the dumbest comics ever. It was great.

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I just never saw that kind of Stein before. And what a dick he was for preventing that future.

Attached: Diamondstein.png (1199x410, 349K)–Dickstein_Committee

Democrat Jew who was literally a paid member of Soviet Intelligence NKVD. Dude was literally a traitor working to prevent fascism from spreading in the US because the Soviets/Jews knew they would be fucked

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It was Ramsey

Decisively nonwhites are the basis of cmunist and socialist powers in the US. A lot of American "whites" aren't whites whatsoever. The blame is upon the wave of immigration from the 1880s to 1920s which brought in so many Irish, Jews, papists, and eastern Europeans which were so harmful and perfideous in bring in a flood of barbarian niggers and spics which will destroy this country because people lack the will to end the lives of domestic enemies of the constitution.

> A man named Dickstein saved America from becoming a fascist military state
Maybe in an alternative timeline, but U.S. sure as shit is a socialist military state right now.

I liked the Snyder movies. I always got the feeling that there was too much interference from producers and other middle-men to see his vision realized.

*infiltrates your covfefe*

heh, nothing personnell dum frogs

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Ah pleasant nostalgia feels from when SP was funny because it actually was trying to be

idk why it got so lame, gay and preachy or how it has stayed on so long after it became a hollow shell of its former self

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> burger and a cocktail
That sounds suspiciously homosexual. "Burger and a cocktail" does not sound like the recipe for making white babies.


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Is he being sarcastic??

Your next line will be "Awoo".

Attached: Awooseph Awoostar.png (250x250, 55K)

Just because I like traps doesn't mean Im a homo. This has long been established.

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will read

I just finally watched that movie this week; it was on my pc for years

Not bad but I didnt get the ending

guy got paid to let in Soviet spies and give them citizenship as well as going after fascists for being "un-american"

this is literally mind breaking stuff, even for someone who has been on Jow Forums for years.

clown world, every time

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Nice statistics, nigger.

Every word you said is absolutely true. Dickstein was Soviet intelligence and a traitor.
> In September 1945, not long before stepping down from office, Dickstein called the Dies Committee's investigations into Hollywood "a lot of ballyhoo" about an industry that is almost "100 per cent American" and also asserted that "the alien problem is dying away."


Attached: 1551050461585.png (620x483, 176K)

> fascist military state
> socialist military state
Words mean things.

Correction: I am not reading all that wth

I get that its a citation. I thought it was linking to a summary

The mocking shall continue until all goblinoids die!

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This is the best the can do to distract us from Epstein. Honestly I think we deserve it if the normies are buying it.