This place is a dystopia

Crime everywhere, niggers asking for money on the street AGGRESSIVELY, trannies and faggots fucking EVERYWHERE, biggest LGBT parade in the World with simultaneous highest LGBT murder rate, corrupt politicians, and extremely wealthy billionaires in closeted gated communities surrounded by literal misery and poverty. This is where movie directors should inspire themselves in order to create dystopian movies.

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Just came out of that Jow Forums thread and this is the first thread on Jow Forums I saw.

You're using homophobic and racist slurs, pretty sure your report is ban-worthy so I hope the jannies do their job.

"report" lol", I meant "thread"

Why are the LGBT parades so large anyway if so many people seem to hate them over there?

He's shilling.

Leftists stimulate degeneracy.

Because faggots are unberable here. They can't just be gay, they have to make sure everybody knows that. Gays here won't be something you find out after a while hanging out with them. They will go out of their way to show their gayness and faggotry. It's fucking disgusting.

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Stop to exaggerate. Brazil is a shithole not a shitblackhole.

So much for order and progress

based as fuck

I agree, we need a fucking wall.

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>They will go out of their way to show their gayness and faggotry.
And I see you’ve taken a page out of their book.

>I'm masc4masc discreet and manly. Nobody could tell, I swear.

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>Brazil is white
Fuck off with that meme, you pardo. Also, it's "stop exaggerating", not "stop to exaggerate" you filthy fucking illiterate.

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Think about the most stereotypical caricature of a gay person you can possibly imagine.
That's the average gay person here.

Live in SP. Can confirm.

Brazil isn't white but it isn't black either. We're brown, and the indio component is a bit larger than people think. The average brazilian is around 1/8 indio.

but Banda Oriental, we are also degenerates

But black phenotypes always act like they own the whole continent. Most racist folks.

Andate a la puta que la remil pario camporista de mierda, raja de aca zurdito, seguro que le vas a votar a la chorra de mierda y sentirte orgulloso por eso, pedazo de pelotudo

I will help in genocide
count on me

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Not sure if schizophrenia or lack of sex.

I'd say that at the most 20% of the population of SP is white. The rest is either pardo or black. I never said it was a fully black country but that it isn't white majority. You fucking retard should realize that if you aren't black, that doesn't mean you're white either.

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