How did a bunch of Uga Buga speakers get stuck between Germanics and Slavs?

How did a bunch of Uga Buga speakers get stuck between Germanics and Slavs?

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Organized state thanks to german crusaders and settlers, unlike scattered tribes more eastward

Catholic germanics made them into nations

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Like this, they snuck through at the far North

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Latvia is not Finnic you goddamn retard.

Germanic-speakers abandoned the eastern Baltic coast in the Late Bronze Age and Uralics moved in like locusts to take their place

Because sl*Ves and g*Rmanics genocided my people

Latvia and Lithuania ARE FINNIC and my little brothers just like you Eesti

Germanics and Slavs spread like cancer.

Feels good to genocide you once again.

How does it feel to be a self-hater?

We didn't but I wish we did, I still see randoms saying shit like "dude, I'm mariel lmao"

The most irrelevant argument. People would still be here and would be happily living even without forgein intervention.
We would actually probably be much better off if our legacy wasn't destroyed.

They had swords steel armor spears arrows and bows and horses, why not?

Remove Latvia is not Uga Buga

ho are you larping as? I have hard time following you

>Remove Latvia is not Uga Buga
>Remove Latvia
Ivan back to his dirty tricks.

Russia is a colonial empire like America.

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Except russias colonies do not enrich the russian public just the elites

what are you talking about?

How are baltics like Latvian and Lithuanian different from slavs

Nu tu kūrva blet kiek galima...

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We went colonizing Eurasia and reached North America even
Scandinavians stopped us in Estonia and Finland but only for a while

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They're not but they keep telling themselves the opposite.

There's some similarity between Estonian, Finnish, and Hungarian through the Uralic family tree. So basically It's cute how much you want to be like us. Try not relying on strongmen for everything next time.

>You should have never come here to our forests

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Let me answer this with another question. Would you like to be slavic? You most likely answered no. Here's your answer. As for the reason, we dont want to be slavic because they're viewed as backwards savages by the west. And we want to be western, not slavic.


>t.homo city and never even been to a forest

Why are Slavs so hellbent on destroying us?

Thats the best they can do


Another day in western mongolia

g*rmanics and sl*vs will pay for their crimes


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You can ask that of Hungary too.

stop worshipping rocks and trees so you won't feel butthurt about the past


KARA BOĞA will eventually crush them and there's nothing they can do

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Watch this

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But that's how people view you regardless


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What is Uppsala?

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Reminder that Latin speakers used to live in the Balkans, before Slavs wiped out your people.

there are other finnic speaking peoples stretching from norway to roughly central-northern siberia in Russia that were not able to maintain their own sovereign nation the way Finland and Estonia have

the real interesting question is how the fuck Hungary ended up existing (since it is also part of this group), the answer to that being long migrations

You mean BEYAZ BOĞA?
Finnics were blonde beasts who raped Estonia from 56%er dark haired Indo-Ciganshits into majority blonde

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i don't

Magyar conquerors were blonde beasts as well

>Be peaceful nomadic people
>Get pushed west by the evil pecheneg
>Conquer a swamp that is basically a border region
>Try to move west
>Otto the Demon doesn't allow it
>Evil Germanics force us to settle down

We were always a mutt nation. Our legends start with steppe niggers interbreeding with Alans and then different tribes making a conference.

The real Magyars were blonde. They had slaves and vassals from dark races like Indo-Ciganys and Turks.

There is no "real Magyars" desu. This ethnic purity is a Germanic meme.

I'm talking about conqueror period. The ones who had the same haplogroup as Finns were blonde hair and blue eyed like Finns while their slaves from the dark races were swarthy.
This all proven by the genetic study I linked to.


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You're hardly an Indo-Cigany, Fenno-Swede. Your haplogroups are I1 and N1c.

well now you know the reason why i hate being lithuanian

None of those btw.

Congratulations then your IQ might be over 100

For some reason I'm R1b.

Bell Beaker scum out

More yamnaya than thou

You have to fetishize brown eyes, swarthy skin, black hair and Romani culture then as they are the spiritual descendants of the wagon folk of old

and some people think god exists, the earth is flat and that USA is the greatest country in the world, i dont care about uneducated pleb opinions

So it seems, but thankfully natives were fair.

Not to the same extent as Finnics. I fucking love it how the Indo-Cigany narrative has been destroyed completely and permanently. Jealous Indo-Ciganys used to claim Finns became fair because of raping white women. It turns out we got darker from taking Indo-Cigany women.

What's your own pigmentation btw?
Skintone and all that.

I burn in 2 seconds in the sun but I have dark hair
I don't care about pigment myself only the myths Indo-Ciganys associate with it

How about racial differences?

Between who?

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You mentioned many core ideas surrounding the question of race here Why not go deeper into the question?

I care about
>phenotype(not just pigmentation)
that's it
I don't care about autistic race shit beyond that although if I did I'd probably consider Jews the dominant race on the planet

How did those iron age finnics look like, any skulls you can give me?

Presumably they looked like modern Estonians whom they are closest to

>and some people think god exists

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>Kareloid masturbates to blonde Finno-Ugrics raping dark Indo-Europeans
>Is dark himself
Is this some kind of weird fetish where you get off to being a rapebaby? Hmmm

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Bell beakers and finnics unite

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Real Finns speak Swedish

As far as I know my dark but not black hair color comes from my greatgrandmother who was half Fenno-Swede so it's probably the result of foreign ancestry but not rape

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I am not from eastern Finland. I'm from the capital area and I'm a mutt of different Finnish tribes and less so Fenno-Swedes and Baltic Germans.

Hmmm ok