Do you consider them Eastern Europe or Western Asia?

Do you consider them Eastern Europe or Western Asia?

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Georgians are white. Also stand the fuck back from it. South Ossetia and Abhkazia do not exist.

There's no fucking way those subhumans are European

Oh yeah. Mutt pride wrold wide. Get it.

Ugh if only Russia splitted into 30 states


Azeris are Dagestanis

georgia maybe, they are great, I enjoy their exports, namely wine and hairy women

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They're all Asian brothers.

I don't think so

They're culturally not that different from balkaniggers as far as I've seen.
Extension of eastern Europe but not really so.

If they are Europeans, then so are other Caucasus ethnic groups like Chechens and Dagestanis.

You consider armenian creatures in african tier distance European?

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are you from Dagestan?

Do they look more middle eastern or like Italians and Greeks?

>hairy women
based man of taste

Not important

Armenians literally look like Turks.

Asians can not be wh*toids.

Eh same thing actually
Southern europeans look as middle easterners

I wonder why

South European natives are not menaoids, although south europe has tons of menaoids just like blacks in usa or sami in sweden been there for 400 yearsm


Not White so therefore not European.